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Working For An Education Essay

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The United States is a country where just about every one has chance to attend college. Unfirtantly not every one of those individuals has the oppurtinity to finish college. In
Dave Leonhardt's article “The College Dropout Boom”- he claims that there is a wideing gap between the children of the rich and the children of the poor when it comes to education. Dave Leonhardt discusses the factors that goes into the notion that there is a wideing gap between children from poor parents and children of wealthy parents. Despite the fact that the American system of higher learning has become a great equalizer, their are still groups of people who struggle to ear a college degree. Most notably those in ...view middle of the document...

Very much so like Andy Blevins who at 19 dropped out of college becouse he "enjoyed working hard, getting the job done, getting a paycheck."(29) at his job in the super market, which only resulted to a mount of regret and lost time.

Despite that the United States is dubbed as the country where anyone can move up from a lower social class to a higher social class with hard work and determination; research shows that this is happening less and less now. A reason for that is becouse although children of middle and lower income families have more opportunities than before to study at a university, they are often unprepared for college. Being in a public school all thru my education years, I can advocate for this observation. Leonhardt's states in his article that "Many high schools do a poor job of preparing teenagers for college"(30). I could not agree more, my own high school did not do a good job in preparing me or my fellow classmates for college. Unless you were a a gifted or honor student. Leaving the average and below average students to fend for themselves. Instead of giving them necessary skills and opportunities to go further in life. Leading them to perhaps stay in the same social status as the one they were born in, for lack of preparation they need to suceed in life.

Another factor that could possibly be the biggest reason that contributes to high college drop out rates and unfinished degrees has to be the lack of funds provided to middle and low income students. Although scholarships and finacial aid is given a bit more freely than before, finacial...

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