Working For Electrex Can Be A Challenge

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When one works in Electrex, he or she will encounter different types of people during their management career. Every employee is different in their own way but what makes them different is their personality. Personality of a person is a combination of feelings, opinions, attitudes, behaviours and activities which when it is combined together, it makes that person special. Working in a big company like Electrex is never easy because of the heavy workload that ones have to handle. In this situation, some employee might be having stress and this will lead to decreases of output. High expectation in multinational company like Electrex would highly lead to stress. Electrex not only expect them to be a fast learner but also expecting them to adapt to the new surroundings of the workplace as soon as possible. New employees or juniors is least likely to be standout or spotted in the organization.

I. Personality
In this section, we will be talking about what makes a person different from other people, perhaps even unique. Our personality will affect our moods which will end up affecting our behaviour, human relations and level of stress in work. When we are describing a person, trait adjectives like clumsy, careless, cheerful and devout are frequently used in our daily conversation.

a. Personality Classification Methods
In Electrex, among the organization we can see that there are four type different types of employees. The type A personality are those that are competitive, fast moving, impatient, and preoccupied with work. For examples, Jacky the new employee of Electrex, he tends to achieve his objective so badly without feeling a sense of joy in his efforts or accomplishments. Type A employees tend to be overreact over a little things and most of this type tend to have hypertension. On the other hand, the type B personalities are the opposite of type A, they are more to be easy-going, laid back, relaxed and non-competitive in doing their work. This type of employees need to be push most of the times by giving earlier deadlines for their work so that they can get the job done before the real deadline comes. Type B individual will only do one thing at a time unlike type A.

b. Locus of control
The other two-dimensional personality classification method is known as locus of control. Locus of control consists of two continuums which is internalizers and externalizers. Employees with an internal locus have a personal trait that every successful people had. They will never blame their mistakes on something else but instead they will take the responsibility by correcting their mistakes so that they would not repeat it the second time. Next, employees with external locus of control are the opposite of internal locus of control. Gary believes in luck because after all for about 5 years, most of his colleagues got promotion while he can’t. He will always put the blame on God for being bias or even sometimes he will blame the bad economy. There is no...

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