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Working For Workers Rights Essay

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During the 19th Century, America was barely developing rights for lower class workers. It was a time of turmoil and distress for the working class in America. Many of the industries during this time period were monopolized by one compelling company. This gave that company excessive control, which allowed for abusive conditions for its workers. The workers were left with a feeling of submission, and unworthiness. The population of the major cities in America exponentially increased at this time, which created a surplus of people desperate for money. Any worker could easily be replaced. The end of the 19th century was when worker’s rights developed, although the strikes, tough labor, and government neglect, seemed overpowering. The workers managed grasp and secure their well deserved rights.
Majority rules, right? The working class at this time was the largest component of the American population, yet they tolerated horrific manual labor and working conditions. As the growing effort to avenge the working conditions increased between individuals, workers began to form and unite into groups called unions. The unions were the organizations that assembled the strikes. Many of the more famous figures argued that strikes only agitate the employer (Doc. I). They justified it by saying that every company had beneficial factors for their employees but when they employees go on strike, it simply angers them. The media of the time also portrayed it as useless. (Doc. B). If the could get the working class to believe that it was hopeless, then other companies of their equivalent recognition would potentially be saved from future strikes. With all of this in consideration, the workers had no other option but to be persistent, and hope for the best out of the strikes.
Can you imagine working a 10 hour day everyday? That is precisely what the working class had to do. They not only had a 10 hour day, but also many of them had physically demanding jobs. In the late 1870’s the average labor worker earned $169 dollars (Doc A), this was before all of the unions and major strikes had happened. Progress in reference to the workers...

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