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Statement of the problem
Learning and Working in groups whether it’s in or out of class is very important and supplemental to lectures assisting student’s master ideas and put them to use in different situations, calling for complex presentations of critical thinking skills. Many instructors on certain occasion’s break the Classes into small informal groups to achieve short-term tasks, the kind of cooperative group work deliberated here discusses projects that can last an entire class session, or even an entire semester. Groups are sometimes assigned by professors or the students can decide in whom they would like to work with, there are advantages and disadvantaged to each of these methods.
Purpose of the study
The purpose of this study is to find different ways in which individuals can learn how to work together. The key to working in groups is that the task be accomplished in which this requires interdependence, so that each student does not feel as if the assignment is a one person’s job. Cooperative group work involves cautious planning on the part of the instructor, and is not without its problems for students, the benefits can be significant, containing augmented contribution by students in all components of the course, well understanding and retaining of material, learning of different skills vital to accomplishment in the class or in a career, and improved eagerness for self-directed learning the kind of interest that can branch students on to self-determining research or projects. Individual responsibility is critical to group success, subsequently the natural tendencies of some students is to control and others to withdraw will slowly come into play unless some appliance is in place demanding everyone to contribute. This can be very simple each member should write down notes to share with their peers. And last but not least, group assignments should...

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