Working With Dad: A Story Of A Father And Son Working Together And Learning From One Another And From The Disadvantaged People

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My alarm goes off at four in the morning and I literally roll out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. I throw on work clothes, an old t-shirt and jeans that have been washed way past their limit. Then it's down the stairs to the kitchen, where I throw the kettle on the stove to make a cup of coffee for the long ride ahead. I slump into a chair at the bare kitchen table. It won't be inhabited again for many hours. I plop my head on my arms, using them as a makeshift pillow while I impatiently wait for the whistle of the kettle. When it finally shrills, I get up and make my thermos of coffee.This done, Ryan, a friend of my dad's and mine, comes down the driveway right on time. Ryan is my partner for the day and the summer. I notice he has his parking lights on. That's a sign that he's in a good mood. I grab my coffee, glance at my father and settle on the couch to make it look like I have been waiting for hours, but the exhaustion on my face gives me away.My father is sitting in his recliner, coffee in hand, the news blaring on the TV. A surprised expression crosses his face when he sees me. He says good morning in a mocking tone because he knows I'm barely conscious. I sit and wait, trying to act awake as Ryan comes whistling through the door. He gives me a wink, says good morning, and gives Dad a chuckle.This is about the time Dad looks up and says with a grand smile, "Are we ready?" With a groan and a stretch, I stand. We get into the cab of my dad's white Dodge Ram Sport that I love, and leave Bucks "Habah," spelled harbor but pronounced without R's. We turn on the country music, and ride.Ryan and I sing for 45 minutes until we arrive at the shop. I'm always excited when I see the 18-wheeler parked in the side of the lot. I really do enjoy working with Dad. By now it's 5:15 and we're ready to go to work. I take my last sip of coffee and hop out of the truck. I grab the bag of tags with the harvest and shipping dates I stamped on them the night before. I run to the shop, give the door a hard shove, and walk in.A sharp mixture of smells comes at us: clams, quahogs and water on cement. We hear the clunking of empty clam shells and shucking knives collide with a steel table, and the faint sound of an old tape player spitting out worn country tunes.I give Ryan a playful shove and run into the room where the sounds come from. Four women are standing behind a long steel table shucking clams and putting them into clear containers. They look at Ryan and me with a grin and say good morning. In the middle of the room are four pallets of quahogs. I imagine the cooler in the other room that I know is full of pallets holding more and I get my staple gun and a handful of tags. Ryan follows me and we make our usual game of it. I place my first tag on one side of the pallet and he places his on the other. Crunch, crunch, crunch is all you hear as we staple a tag to each bag of quahogs. We race from pallet to pallet trying to beat each other.We have finished...

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