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Working With Individuals. Essay

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Working With Individuals"In what ways can counselling skills in youth work help a young person with the process of growing up?"INTRODUCTIONThere are many ways in which using counselling skills in youth work can be effective in helping individuals with the process of growing up. All youth workers need to use counselling skills to enable effective work with individuals, these skills may be used together with helping models to deliver effective youth work.I will be discussing how I think this may be done in the following waysIntro Part 2I will begin by explaining what I mean by the terms "counselling skills"Needs and growing upI will then go on to discuss the process of developing and growing up for young people, I will discuss "needs" theory and cover the work of Maslow and Kellmer Pringle. I will go on to discuss the issues young people face when going through the process of growing up.Skills & Helping ModelsI will then demonstrate my understanding of different communication/interpersonal skills, which are used in youth work, and theoretical 'helping' models, which I have found useful. I will outline the work of Egan, Heron and Nelson Jones. I will then introduce an example of how the skills/model approach can be effective in youth work.Ethics and ValuesWhen discussing Values underlying youth work I will draw on Carl Rogers' Core Conditions, arguing the importance of ethical conduct for youth workers when working with individuals.BoundariesLastly I will discuss why setting boundaries and understanding the importance of confidentiality for both youth workers and young people are both important aspects in enabling effective youth work with individuals.Counselling skillsCounselling skills are communication/interpersonal skills and attitudes, which should be used ethically in youth work, which are person-, centred. The aim of using counselling skills is to facilitate the empowerment of individuals to grow and develop through self-directed learning and to recognise unused potential and undeveloped opportunities. Counselling skills, in youth work, are also used to help individuals deal with issues and solve immediate and long-term problems. Communication skills are also the basis of all one-to-one interactions with individuals in youth work.The process of growing upAdolescence in my opinion, which is based on my experience, brings on some of the most complicated psychological and biological changes an individual has to deal with. All kinds of issues and changes occur during this period of an individual's life for example leaving school, starting a job, starting a family, leaving home, the onset of puberty, thinking and reasoning ability develops, the change from dependence to independence, and action. Many of these changes bring issues, which a young person has to deal with. Unexpected issues can also occur such as break ups in families or homelessness.Young people have many needs, which impact on their lives and relationships with others, through...

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