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Working With One Another Essay

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Anyone that likes to watch movies as entertainment can say that WALL-E is interesting movie to watch of what it can represent. The theme of the movie is working with one another because one person or machine alone can’t fix a big problem like was to cleaning up the earth. WALL-E’s job was to crush the trash into cubes and stack them on top on each other till the trash was gone. While the theme is working with one another, examples that connect to the theme are relationship and technology depended people. The characters in the movie have different roles but they have a connection to the theme because each worked with someone else to get the job done.
Both characters WALL-E and EVE have different missions, but they worked together. During the beginning of the movie, it starts with the main protagonist named WALL-E, but few scenes later, Eve (extraterrestrial vehicle evaluator) shows up in a spaceship. EVE’s mission was to evaluate planet earth if there were any living plants while WALL-E stops doing his job which was to crush the trash on earth and secretly follows her that eventually she goes back to his home because of a dust storm that appeared after they started talking to each other. WALL-E takes care of EVA after she reacted to the plant that he showed her because it was her objective to find a living specimen of live. WALL-E doesn’t know why she locked up, so he decided to leave Earth and follower her into axiom mother ship when the spaceship landed on earth to take EVA back. All that I mention is a strong relationship between a cleaning robot and an evaluating pod because after they start talking to each other in the abandoned shipyard, they have been together in most scenes of the movie. WALL-E took care of EVA by walking her around the deserted earth and by protected him from weather like thunder because he thought by leaving EVA outside, she would unlock. This connects to the theme because EVA needed WALL-E in order to find the plant behind the refrigerator because WALL-E was the machine to discover it when he used his laser to break open. The relationship shown in the movie is important because without relationship playing a part in the movie, WALL-E would still be cleaning up the earth until rusted while EVE aka EVA would be going back to the axiom till she was told to evaluate the earth again in later years. There are many quotes that can be chose to describe the relationship between WALL-E and EVA, just like the following; “As a hush of love spreads around the human-run ship like a virus as a result of their robot union” was said in Andrew Stanton’s article meaning that with the help of WALL-E and EVA’s relationship getting noticed on the ship, the robots and the people were able to break out of their daily lives. It’s obvious that the relationship between EVA and WALL-E is seen through the movie especially when they danced in space because as the movie mentioned, “it’s a serious of movements that includes two partners”,
WALL-E and...

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