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Workplace Essay

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The intent of this paper is to assess the unique approach to motivational strategies and their productivity effectiveness in the workplace. As a former executive manager with some large organizations, my focus to motivating employees on my staff was to maintain a constant awareness to new and available techniques which could be used to reward employees for a job done well. The organization should have a process to evaluate the different approaches and determine which would be most effective for implementation to benefit them. Employee rewards come in many forms, extrinsic and intrinsic reward programs, positive and negative motivation strategies, and unique approaches for either individual or team group incentives.Several years ago, I was an executive manager a fortune 500 company that had very effective programs using unique motivational strategies to increase moral and productivity. The company's main objective was concentrated on retail selling, offering value added products, and exceptional customer service. "Having a high-performing, diverse and passionate team isa business imperative, and fostering an inclusive culture is a crucial component of our vision forbecoming the Best Company Ever." (Target 2009) One of the motivation strategies often used was the reward method and this motivational program included monetary compensation and receiving rewards. Another method used was to train employees in leadership and management programs, to help them to achieve success in the workplace. They also built inter-departmental teams to assist employees to better understand the various areas of the company and how each department was inter-related to each other. The company focused on group or team rewards and found that this was the most efficient alternative. However, other employers have determined that group rewards create hostility between higher and lower producers within the group because all members of the group receive the same rewards, regardless of performance levels. It has been said that reward programs based on individual performance has the highest probability of job satisfaction and productivity.Offering bonuses to each employee is one example of monetary reward. Bonuses had a certain criteria that needed to be met such as profitability, products sold, building of client base. The criteria levels help encourage employees to perform a little more aggressively to meet these quotas, goals put into place or finding a way to save the company money. When goals are met, the company rewards its employees generously with a bonus. Another type of reward type is allowing the employee to have an extra vacation day, wear jeans for a week, leave half day early for two days in a row and or have lunch with the manager. The tangible rewards will entice the employee to perform at his or her highest level and both the employee and the company will be the winners. Target knew that the bonus would cost the company money however; the profitability to the...

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