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No matter where you work, you will likely be doing your work in the company of other people. At the very least, you will be in contact with other people. An important part of effectiveness in the workplace is understanding your own behavior and that of others.Understanding YourselfTo understand yourself, you need to look at two things: your goals and your personality.Understanding Your GoalsWhat do you want your outcome to be?•Having a clear goal in life gives you direction and focus and directs your motivation. To be an effective person in the workplace, you need to determine your personal and career goals as we discussed in Module 7.•Effective people have long and short-term goals. You should know what you want to accomplish today, this week, this semester, this year. Also, you should imagine yourself years from now. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years, in 10?•Effective people also have career-related, family-related, and health-related long-term goals.What do you want your behavior to be like?•Goals help you identify which behaviors you want to keep or expand, and which behaviors you want to avoid or discourage.•Goals help you clarify what kind of person you want to be.Understanding your PersonalityWhat is your personality like?•Another important part of effectiveness is understanding your personality.•For the purposes of this course, we will define personality as: our characteristic patterns of behavior including our thoughts and emotions.•Psychologist Alfred Adler (1928) defined personality as the individual's "style of life," or characteristic manner of responding to life's problems, including life goals.•There are a number of different definitions of personality, however, there is agreement in considering personality as a combination of traits that can be described in order to render an account of the unique qualities of an individual.What do you like about your personality?•Effective individuals know themselves. They examine their patterns of behavior to better understand their thoughts and emotions. Truly effective individuals make an effort to know themselves well so they can predict their behavior. Self-examination allows effective individuals to be in a position to reinforce their positive behaviors and identify and work on the negative ones.•If you are interested in finding out more about your personality type, you can take the Kiersey Temperament Sorter II online. The Kiersey identifies your temperament based on four "temperament types." They are:Rationals (Albert Einstein, Margaret Thatcher)Idealists (Mohandas Ghandi, Eleanor Roosevelt)Artisans (Ernest Hemingway, Barbara Streisand)Guardians (George Washington, Mother Theresa)•Click the names next to each type to see and read more about the famous people identified above for each of the four temperament types.Getting And Using FeedbackAnother way to determine your personality is to get feedback from others who are in...

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