Workplace Communication Of Jannus Live Essay

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Ice Breaker: Tim's camera rolling sequence "5, 4, 3, 2, 1, bleep, bleep"Introduction: "How many of you have been to Jannus?" Responses" Oh what have you seen?" "And you?"Brief History/Change of owners, May 2010Behind the scene of Jannus camera crew communicationWhy is it critical for them to have communicationWhy is leadership communication in the workplace critical to Jannus Live TV?Body:Band to bossBoss ...view middle of the document...

Failure in communication due to equipmentNon-Verbal- between broken headset and seeing who's camera view is being used without knowingPer to Per communication from band to boss prior to show and boss to camera menBad communication where the video doesn't turn out the way it is supposed to.Good communication where the video turns out perfect.Problem between the band communicating to the boss of Jannus Live whether the Recording crew is needed for the show.Conclusion:Why communication is necessaryWrap up points from the body:Band communication to the director.Director to camera man./Non VerbalPrior communication to the show.Better experience for audience, audience attending equals better experienceBetter at seeing the communication problem, and seeing how important that communication is in the workplace from the band to director, camera man and lastly the crowded.Don't always be angry with people over communication problems it might be the equipment and not always the person. You will always have a few problems in the workplace.

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