Office Equipment And Its Effectivness To The Office

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Offices all over the world have to compete in an ever-changing world. Technology is becoming more modernized and efficient to fit consumer needs. More demands are being placed on offices to be fast, efficient, accurate, and dependable. Depending on humans alone would take too long to get certain jobs done. In addition, the level of human error would be too high. To reduce this, companies hire more workers, but this would result in the company having to pay more workers which causes them more money. In order for offices to keep up with these demands, they use office equipment to make their office more productive. Although an office might purchase office equipment, if it is not used correctly it is not an asset to the company. Within an office, the supplies of its equipment can range from the use of pens to that of collating machines.Other examples of office equipment include the use of computers, fax machines, reprographic copiers, storage devices such as flash/external hard drives, office stationery, paper shredders, dictating and transcription machines. In this report, I will show how the uses of office equipment can make an office more effective and productive.
As a basic requirement for the BGCSE Office Procedures Examination, which I am expecting to sit in June 2013, the topic that I have chosen to accentuate is the effectiveness and proper use of office equipment within an office. I chose this particular topic because I found it to be quite interesting and pretty much straight forward. Out of all the topics that I have covered throughout my Office Procedures studies, the topic of office equipment stood out the most. Learning about office equipment made me wonder how a company would manage without it.
In this course work, the writer intends to research office equipment and their uses. There would be comparisons made to show how they can be used differently in different situations. In addition, there is going to be a survey taking to see how workers feel about some office equipments and their impact on their work. There will be some pictures obtained in the Appendix to give readers a clearer look of the equipment that is being described. At the end I will conclude and show how putting all this information together will help to run an effective office. This report will be composed from various books, information from libraries, internet research and general experience.


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