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Staying motivated is a struggle for all people. Everyone faces doubt and depression in everyday life and this is what limits people's ability to keep moving forward. Motivation is nothing more than encouragement to perform better, but there is no simple solution for a lack of motivation. This paper will discuss and motivational strategies affect airline industry2.organizational efforts to improve performance3.employees resistance to increasing's philosophy of motivation and its practices5.the implications of applying two motivational theories and how they impact employees and management.How Motivational Strategies Affect Airline IndustryEmployee motivation can be influenced greatly by the purpose they see in working for a particular company. However, employee's motivation needs to be supported by managers and they need to help employees to become productive and effective. Frustration can easily occur when employees are required to work in an area they do not like, feel inadequate in, or have had past failures in. Continuing negative motivators can drastically decrease employee effectiveness; therefore, managers need to care about them. "Motivating and retaining employees requires strong leadership skills and effective management practices" (Hinshelwood, 2008, para. 5). The author works in airline industry, but her company does not too much to keep its employees motivated. Other airlines known to the author treat their employees differently. There are many employee motivation techniques used by airlines for instance employee empowerment, benefits, quality programs, incentives, etc. and by implementing them and supporting their staff, the airlines gains highly motivated, productive, cooperative and happy staff.Organizational Efforts to Improve PerformanceMany airlines realize that employee loyalty and satisfaction is not a corporate trait and it requires an excelled leadership as a mainstay. Many airlines recognize that in order to have a motivated, satisfied and loyal employees and improve their performance, the leadership has to be strong, visionary, and involved in a strong strategic management process - a nine step process that involves strategic planning, implementation, and evaluation. Training is also an important motivation tool."Employees are re-familiarized with the company's culture, mission statement, and corporate identity. Regular training prevents mistakes on the job, and new contacts are made. Because employees perceive that they are respected, valued, and informed at all times, they tend to be more involved in the company and are more highly motivated. This, in turn, usually leads to higher performance" (Bunz &Maes, 1998, p, 166, para, 6).Many airlines select also representatives who are required to watch employee's performance and even reward quality performance. However, for most major airlines, it is very hard to achieve both excellent performance and innovation due to the number of...

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Workplace Motivation Essay

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1347 words - 5 pages , and if regularly enforced, may even become controlling. The effects of this means that reactions are not oriented around the desire to learn and progress but are due to past outcomes, as well as future expectations, internal principles, and self-efficacy (Kleinbeck, Quast, Thierry & Hacker, 1990). Therefore, this method of strengthening workplace motivation must consider when this method is suitable and when not. Using behaviour modification

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