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Workplace Observation Prepare A Paper In Which You Describe The Observable Aspects Of Your Organization's Culture.

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Healthcare in general has gained a great deal of notoriety lately as the cost of insurance and healthcare continue to increase. Many may wonder how this is possible when healthcare professionals actually spend less time working with each patient. Society is paying more money for less service. As HMOs and PPOs have become the insurance of choice for most companies, individuals are often made to feel more like a commodity than a person. Physicians have also felt the sting as they are expected to work longer hours, and support a greater number of patients. Children's Hospital and Health System, Inc. (CHHS) is not impervious to these changes. But, through outstanding communication, advances in technology, and a positive social presence, CHHS has remained committed to excellence in the treatment of children.Quality communication is the glue that can hold a company together. On the whole communication at CHHS is very positive. The company provides a weekly newsletter to inform employees of upcoming events, to provide kudos for work well done, and to post general information. For those seeking the most current information, the CHHS Intranet site is a real-time service providing all employees with access to patient census information (number of inpatients currently at CHHS), policies and procedures, and even the latest dining room menu.The next level of communication at CHHS is departmental. Interaction varies greatly at this level as each department faces different expectations and goals. Within the Information Services (IS) department at CHHS, communication has been the toughest hurdle to overcome. Information services is headed by the company CIO (Chief Information Office) and is broken down into three smaller departments, each headed by a department director. These smaller departments are then broken down even further into sub-groups and lead by managers. The lack of communication is not due to personal conflicts, but is frequently due to lack of communication on the part of management. Managers spend much of their time in meetings and very little time conversing with staff. It is for this reason that communication is often provided between the managers, but seldom filters down to the necessary team members.These communication problems are reflective in the company's bi-yearly satisfaction survey. Information services, as a whole, consistently rates communication as very poor. The CIO hired an outside consulting firm to assist with the department communication problems. The meeting was productive and the team members learned a great deal. The problem, no follow-through on the changes that were to be implemented. Without the assistance of all departments, many projects become a major source of stress. With this...

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