Workplace Observations Mgt 331 Organizational Behavior

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Workplace Observations

        Culture is fundamental to the success of any high performing organization. Culture provides an avenue where the employees build loyalty and guides behaviors. This paper will present how communication flows, technology, and artifacts, symbols, and stories provide a strong organizational culture at Lacey.

        Communication is essential in the daily successes of Lacey. Internal communication takes several forms including email, telephone, and face-to-face conversations. The type of communication style selected depends on the subject matter to be discussed. Employee performance reviews are conducted face-to-face. However, a specific example of an area to be improved or an example of a well-written memo may be communicated via email. If an employee has been struggling with writing concisely and he or she prepares a well-written and concise email, upon receipt of the email, the manager may reply to the employee indicating the employee had done a good job in being concise in their message. This method of communication provides specific feedback on an area he or she had been challenged and aids in building self confidence and recognition that the employee is working to improve.

        Lacey also has more formal communication methods including quarterly town hall meetings, suggestion box emails, and annual company meetings. Quarterly meetings are conducted at the conclusion of every quarter and are held within the Lacey suites. Lacey uses video conferencing technology between two conference rooms for the leadership team to present prior quarter information, actual versus goal numbers, financial information, and forward-looking initiatives. As part of Lacey's commitment to open-door communication, all employees have access to an Intranet suggestion box. The suggestion box is a vehicle where any employee may say anything he or she desires and an anonymous email is sent to the president of the company. Every two weeks, the president reviews all emails received through the suggestion box, paraphrases the email, and responds with the official company position. The suggestions from the suggestion box can range from better business practice suggestions, to a note of thanks for a company sponsored/supported event, to a complaint. Every July, Lacey has an off-site meeting at a nearby facility. Lasting four hours, the meeting is interactive and recaps the previous year and sets the vision for the coming year. The meeting includes breakfast, presentations by each department, and a motivational guest speaker.

        Communication is also essential for the external customer. The external customer of Lacey plays a critical role in the communication process. Candidates are contacted by both email and telephone. Clients are communicated through email, telephone, and face-to-face. When conducting a search, the candidates are not met by the consultant. All communication is handled via email...

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