Workplace Productivity Essay

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Productivity in the Workplace

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This paper will evaluate the current over all production environment in one manufacturing facility. An assessment of organizational health will be based on all information gleaned from this course. Beginning with learning styles affects on training and ending with managerial self productivity to improve plant output.

Productivity in the Workplace
Current Workplace Environment
Although production needs are being met, improvements in productivity are always at the forefront of management’s thoughts. Doing more with less is a constant effort for middle management and hourly laborers. Over all the environment is comfortable, management and hourly employees interact well. There is a sense of “us versus them” mentality from the union to management but this is lower then has been observed at other manufacturing sights with in the company.
Issues Detrimental to Productivity
Management does not consistently include hourly employees in on decision making that directly affects them. This lowers productivity by not giving the employee a feeling of ownership/investment in the process. According to the Hawthorne Studies employees “enjoyed being the center of attention” meaning they improved performance (reacted positively) because they believed management cared about them. This has been termed as the “Hawthorne Effect”. (DuBrin, 2004, p.14).
The training program for both hourly and management has a vague over all structure but no substantive continuing contribution. Many different learning materials are available but are in disarray and are not standardized into closely related activates. This redundancy of effort when trying to train an individual makes for an unnecessary duplication. (Wemmerlov, 1984). There is also a disconnect from the many different learning styles of the various groups of employees. Hourly workers have an inclination towards hands on learning style in a group setting where as the vast majority of materials are text files designed to be read by an individual.
There are two major cultural divisions, Hispanic and Caucasian, to further complicate the work environment the ratio of Male to female workers is 20 to 1. No effort from either group of being sensitive to the others existence is apparent. (DuBrin, 2004, p. 67). Management’s main concern is for “ethnic diversity” to the point of not having issues with the equal employment opportunity act.
The major issue with lower productivity in my plant is wasting time. This encompasses many organizational concepts such as procrastination, cleanliness and orderliness, stealing time, goofing off. This happens on both sides of the employment structure.
Several problem listed above have been recognized by management but little progress has been made on improving the situation over the last six years. Although many programs have been...

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