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A network administrator is a person who maintains and troubleshoots computer systems. Depending on the size of a company and the complexity of the technology in use, a network administrator's job could be part time or full time. Some tasks a network administrator encounters include installing or upgrading system software, managing user accounts, as well as supervising disk space.The function of a network administrator in a big corporation may be simply running network servers, adding printers, in addition to adding users. Nonetheless, most administrators furthermore do quite a bit of desktop systems support on top of controlling the network interfaces, network addresses, as well as keeping tabs on the protocols used, seeing as all of these are also network apparatus'. He or she also directs routing, assignment of TCP and UDP socket numbers, and name resolution, because these too are all specific components of the network.Everyday system administration is frequently not an around the clock job within a smaller corporation. Therefore it is allocated as an amateur undertaking to a single member of the staff in the organization. One must have a handle on general networking concepts, product specific features, and knowledge of how individual PC's work in order to troubleshoot a system network.There are several measures an administrator implements to improve the security of a network. If the network is connected to an ISP, the primary defense is to install either a software or hardware firewall between the network and its access to the internet. Firewalls are devices that monitor entry into a network. A firewall examines data and determines whether to pass it through or to discard it based on a set of predefined rules. Firewall products can take many forms, from a replacement TCP/IP stack loaded onto an existing system, to a proprietary firewall such as Norton, or even hardware products such as specialized routers with built in filters that can be set for specific...

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