Workplace Violence Essay

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Workplace Violence
Workplace violence is when conflict in the workplace is taken to an extreme. Goetsch (2002) states that about “1,000,000 individuals are the direct victims of some form of violent crime in the workplace every year” (p.129). With this information known it is important for supervisors to know how to reduce the risks and the contributing factors of workplace violence.
Natural surveillance, control of access, establishment of territory, activity support, and administrative controls are all ways of reducing the risk of workplace violence. Natural surveillance consists of designing the workplace in a manner that minimizes secluded areas. Another design of the workplace ...view middle of the document...

A few more factors include romantic obsessions, depression, finger-pointers, unusual frustration levels, obsession with weapons, and drug dependence. According to, “[b]etween 1997 and 2010, 79 percent of workplace homicides were shootings.” This being said, not all employees who have a normal interest in guns would necessarily be cause for alarm. It is those who have an unhealthy obsession with weapons who manager’s and co-workers need to keep an eye on. A supervisor’s, and co-worker’s, recognition and knowledge of these individual factors that contribute to workplace violence may help in the prevention of it.
Environmental factors are those that are outside triggers, such as issues in the workplace itself, that may cause someone to act in a violent manner. These factors include dictatorial supervision, role ambiguity, partial supervision, unattended hostility, no respect for privacy, and insufficient training. Dictatorial supervision involves overly authoritative supervisors that cause employees to feel powerless. The employee may then lash out violently to give themselves a sense of power. Employees can become...

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