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Work Play Singer/Songwriter Competition Essay

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In Birmingham, Alabama, a popular music venue is helping musician’s dreams come true. WorkPlay sits on the corner of 5th Avenue South and 23rd Street South, and musicians from all over the world come to play on one of the two stages this venue has. However, on Monday nights at 7pm WorkPlay hosts a singer/songwriter competition in the theater. These musicians come from all over the state to play on this stage for 10 weeks. Performing on stage is a dream for many musicians around town and WorkPlay is making those dreams a reality.
Last summer WorkPlay announced they would be doing a singer/songwriter night that would lead to each of the top ten musicians having a song recorded live and played ...view middle of the document...

Anyone can find the details of the event on WorkPlay’s calendar on their website. It reads, “For eight straight Monday nights (7pm-10pm,) singer/songwriters will have the opportunity to perform in our theatre. On the 10th week, winners will be announced to perform in front of three highly respected Birmingham judges. Anyone (16+) can sign up to perform! You can use an acoustic guitar, bass guitar, electric guitar, piano, cahoon drum, or tracks for just singers (Singer/Songwriter Series (Week 6), 2014).” It also informs people on how the audience is a major part of the series, “During the performances, the audience will vote 1-10 on a ballot sheet for the artist/performer. Ballots are placed in a sealed box to be opened at the end of eight weeks…. This is your chance to be Simon Cowell or Paula Abdul. There's a lot of great talent in Alabama and we're going to find it (Singer/Songwriter Series (Week 6), 2014)!” WorkPlay does not spend a lot of time advertising the series, a few social media posts a week is usually all they do to get the word out to musicians and fans. However, through word-of-mouth the event has continued to grow.
Each week new musicians show up to play and more people come to hear them. Regular audience member, Morgan Raymond said, “There is so much talent here. It’s amazing how many people in one town can come in and blow everybody away…” Raymond was also asked how she thinks the singer/songwriter nights help Birmingham musicians, and she said that it brings them together to become friends and learn from each other. This event is not only helping the singer/songwriters however. Many audience members believe the event is helping Birmingham as a whole.
One of these audience members is Tammi Tavares, a former California resident, believes this event helps people realize that they can find good music here. “People know they can go to...

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