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World Café Conversation Method Essay

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Explanation of the method
According to the information from The World Café (2008), the process of Café conversation starts at small café-style tables with four to five people each. Individuals will switch to another table on each round of conversation which takes approximately 20-30 minutes. After completing the first round of conversation, one person will remain at the table and become the “host” for the explanation of the main ideas, themes and questions from the previous conversations. While the others, which carry key ideas, themes and questions to link and connect into their new conversations. Both table hosts and members are encouraged to write key ideas on the tablecloths. At the end of several rounds of conversation, discoveries will be shared in a whole group conversation.
Juanita & David (2005) describe the seven world café design principles to nurture actionable knowledge and mutual intelligence. The first principle is set the context. There are three key elements of context setting which are purpose, participants and parameters. In setting the context, it should understand the purpose of bringing people together and clarify the possible outcomes in the conversation. Choose the right participants are important to achieve the purpose and to obtain additional perspectives. Post-event activities and follow-up have to be considered in designing the parameters.
Principle two is to create hospitable space. The nature of the café providing fun is the important elements to be added to reduce the natural tensions created by a post-merger situation. Mind-mapping practices and other visual elements enable the right-brain processing which is bringing the creativity into the conversation (Juanita & David, 2005).
Principle three is to explore questions that matter. Powerful questions allow groups of people to think thoroughly and the incursion of further exploration with innovative ideas and insights that have not exist yet can be obtained. There are hint to construct powerful questions, the host just to remember that avoid any narrow, yes or no, response and develop more open and wider question.
Principle four is to encourage everyone’s contribution. Contribution not limited to verbal speaker only, but also the listener or observer in the conversation. Passive people well in observing that helps others discover the deeper patterns of situation. Juanita & David (2005) believe enlivening the culture of connection is one of the unique contributions as the conversation encourages the connections among people with ideas and insights.
Principle five is about cross-pollinated and connects diverse perspectives. Participants will shift to another table when the first round of conversation ends, and the table hosts will share their collective discoveries on the tablecloth, new findings may emerge on the table provided by the next participants. The shift enables participants not only engage in diverse insights but also access mutual intelligence....

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