World Development Essay

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World Development


My coursework will be on World Development and its varied aspects of
the three different worlds and their references of MEDC'S and LEDC'S,
the decision on why a countries developing, slow development of
countries explained and explanation on why the worlds an unfair place.
The definition of world development is the progress of resources to
improve living standards of those in poverty struck areas. Increasing
and easing poor people's basic needs accessibility and supplying the
basic living conditions for releasing them from poverty and debt
cycles. It also involves the management of materials of wealth within
countries once a place is developed.

There are different types of worlds sectioned according to its
development. The nations are split into three sections- 1st world,
second world and third world countries.

The 'first world countries' refer to as developed, capitalist,
industrial countries, roughly an area of countries along by the USA
with common political and economical interests: North America, Western
Europe, Japan and Australia.

The 'second world countries' are referred as the (former) communist
-socialist industrial states, (used to be the Eastern block, the
territory and sphere of influence the union of Soviet Socialist
Republic) today: Russia, Eastern Europe (e.g. Poland) and some of the
Turk states (e.g. Kazakhstan) as well as China. These countries are
quite developed but not more sophisticated in this aspect than 1st
world countries. They are not rich as 1st world countries and not as
poor as 3rd world countries. Third world countries referred to all the
rest of the countries. Today often used to roughly describe the
developing countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. Although some
countries are the poorest in the world like Somalia and Bangladesh;
third world countries also include capitalist (e.g. Venezuela) and
Communist (e.g. North Korea) countries as very rich (e.g. Saudi
Arabia) and very poor (e.g. Mali) countries.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries are also referred as MEDC'S and
LEDC'S. More economically developed countries are referred to as
mainly the 1st and some of the 2nd world countries; Less Economically
Developed Countries can be referred as the low standards and behind
countries such as some of 2nd world and 3rd world countries. These two
categories are split, dividing different countries in order of wealth,
social and political justice. The MEDC'S are far more better off and
have higher living standards than those countries of LEDC'S which are
trapped in poverty and are under developed due to lack of basic

There are many ways in which it's decided if a countries either MEDC'S
or LEDC'S. The decider factors which represent the MEDC'S (More
Economically Developed Countries) are...

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