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World History Essay

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Imagine a place of vast transformation and new discoveries. One would probably be thinking of an era flying vehicles and moveable sidewalks. No, we’re not talking about a skit from the Jetsons cartoon, but rather the society in Europe during the industrialization era. The year is 1900 and Europe has changed significantly from the age of exploration in the 17th century. To most people during this time period believed that this was future, a revolutionary feat that would change the world forever. European countries are thriving off the industrial factories and enormous amounts of trade. British, French, German, and Belgium states are all producing massive factories to support a growing desire ...view middle of the document...

Previously the economy was driven by mostly agricultural goods that were transported and imported from the New World and India. The economy grew tremendously by the early 19th century because of the growing industrial discoveries. For example, previous knowledge in chemistry lead to the discovery of harnessing the power of steam. European states also started to experiment with the ideas left by the Enlightenment period. These ideas caused people to reject the traditional methods of the economy and socialization, which allowed for the introduction of new ideas. Europeans, especially Britain took this idea and expanded on it, therefore creating news ways to better one’s own individual life. The flying shuttle was created, “originally to improve hand weaving, which was then refined enough over another thirty years to make possible the application of nonhuman power.” European states started producing large amounts of coal, steel, and agriculture goods; which lead to an explosion of European wealth and the desire to expand upon these ideas. This was very different than the 16th century economy because factories could produce large quantities of materials at a high pace. The increase in factories brought an actual decrease in hard-physical labor, which in this time period was quite radical. Much like the invention of the flying shuttle, other technologies took away the manual labor that was involved with making a product. Cotton for example, was becoming more easily handled and woven by machines rather than man. Other essential commodities such as coal and steel were being created in Britain and Germany. Britain especially, was heavily influenced by the discovery of the strong qualities of steel. With the help of yet another enlightenment idealist Henry Bessemer, he discovered that heating iron to a high degree it becomes stronger. Yet again this goes back to the knowledge on elements which were discovered in the scientific revolution. Steel paved a way to the extensive transportation because now steel track could hold cars and mechanized machines for traveling goods from place to place. Inventors like James Watt and George Stephenson used steam powered engines to transport items. Unlike in the earlier centuries, transportation was shorter, less expensive, and easier to carry large amounts of supplies. In Germany chemicals, steel, coal, and transportation all improved. After unification in 1871, German had gained economically prospered through the rejection of traditional methods to more industrial ideas. The growing amount of factories was in itself fairly new because never before were people combined into a building working with machinery. The factory system produced a large amount of goods in small amounts of time, which was something that man could not do previously before. The growing economy is a story of the growing industrialization in Europe, meaning that without the technology that Europe acquired during this time period...

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