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How Religion Played A Massive Role In Developing China's Seclusion And Spain's Imperialism

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Religion is one of the most powerful forces known to man. It has created wars, art, architecture, governments, literature, education, and so on. Thus, without a doubt, this powerful force has shaped the charastics and courses of Ancient China and Spain. Confucianism’s strong tie with education rendered China to establish numerous schools and thus enable its society to become more sophisticated. Contemporarily, Buddhism’s strong tie with peace prevented the country from waging wars. On the other hand, Catholicism’s strong belief in ‘giving to the poor’ made the country’s poor richer and rich poorer. In addition, Catholicism’s welcoming gesture to converts encouraged the country to pursue its passion to invade as much of the New World as possible. However, China and Spain are not entirely different in terms of the impact their religions rendered; both countries had leaders who were pressured into benefitting their people in order to uphold by the imperatives that their religions constitute. Therefore, due to the powerful effect of religion, China became secluded yet economically developed, Spain became liberal and imperialist, and both of these empires had long-lasting leaders whose benevolent actions were pressured by the religions that governed them.
Confucianism and Buddhism significantly developed China’s economy, and turned the country against the concept of imperialism. Firstly, Confucianism strongly emphasized the importance of education. “Confucius projected the ideal of a gentleman, best described by his benevolence and self control, a man always courteous and eager for service and anxious to learn.” (Stearns, p. 41) Since most of China’s population was once affiliated with Confucianism, this compelled much of the country to obtain a proper education. As a result of the many well-educated people, many new jobs were created. Businesses in China greatly improved since the well-educated people were able to utilize intelligent marketing/financial strategies. This created more profits for businesses that traded internationally. Furthermore, these well-educated people who worked for the government were able to develop the country by intelligently directing spending towards long-term solutions, such as education. Religion not only developed China’s economy, but also made the country more secluded. “He should not kill a living being, nor cause it to be killed, nor should he incite another to kill. Do not injure any being, either strong or weak in the world.” (Sutta Nipata II, p. 14) This principle comes directly from the Tipitaka, the Holy Book of Buddhism, which most Buddhists had read, studied and followed in Ancient China. And since Buddhism rapidly spread after the fall of the Han Dynasty, this promotion of peace grew potent. As a result, many people did not want China to invade other territories since that would often demand war. Most of the people did not want humans to be harmed or killed all because of China’s desire to be imperialist....

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