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World History Of Mongols Ccot Essay Ap World History Essay

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Mongol Essay (#2)
World History AP
Genghis Khan took his place as the Mongol ruler near the end of the 12th century,
and he conquered many regions including Eurasia. However during this time period
cultural practices have had a large impact on the Mongolian Society in religion, gender
roles, etc. Cultural practices often changed as the Mongols moved around and
conquered several different areas like China and the Middle East because they usually
would adopt the cultures of that area.
During the rule of Genghis Khan, and so on the Mongols didn’t have any set religion
or set of beliefs. The Mongols were highly tolerant of all types of religious beliefs, they
didn’t discriminate or forbid anyone from believing what they wanted. Due to multiple
religions in the Mongolian Empire there weren’t many places of worship. This has
always been the case in this particular empire, and near the 13th century almost every
religion had found a converts from Buddhism to Christianity. Although all religions were
welcomed in the Mongolian Empire they did follow the shamanistic beliefs from their
ancestors, which means that they focused on the propitiation of nature spirits. Although,
they did believe in shamanism, it wasn’t something that they always talked about or
made well known. Other than the shamanistic belief system the Mongols kept an open
mind when it came to the many beliefs that they encountered after conquering another
land or region.
The mongols started off as pastoral nomads moving around and herding animals,
the Mongolian way of life as nomads has always had a huge effect on cultural life.
During the late 12th Century the Mongols conquered China and set up the Yuan
Dynasty causing them to settle there. Although the Mongols do end up leaving to
conquer new lands they still have strayed from their normal way of...

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