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In the United States today, hunger affects over 850 million people, and that number keeps increasing. Hunger can cause health defects and can slow or shut your body down. It can result in malnutrition and weakened immune systems. It is mainly caused by food distribution among countries. World hunger is a worldwide problem and it difficult to end it. People who don’t have enough food should be helped because they could die from malnutrition.
In the past there have been less people living without their basic needs than now. When I mean basic needs, I am talking about shelter, food, and water, or things they need the most. As George Kent states, “we in developed countries sometimes see poor ...view middle of the document...

Many people develop health problems as a result of hunger. Hunger can stunt your growth, and it could result in brain damage or learning disabilities. In addition to hunger, malnutrition can cause health problems too. “ Without enough calories, proteins, vitamins, and minerals, the body is unable to fight illness such as malaria, measles, and diarrhea.” (Lichtman 12). Going without all of this stuff that our bodies need everyday, can cause health problems that I have described I have described in the previous sentence. If you do not get the food you need with vitamins and minerals in it, then you could develop illness that could kill you. People die everyday because they are not eating the healthy food that they need to stay healthy.
food insecurity exists when people do not have physical, social, or economic access to food. It affects people globally, nationally, and regionally, it is also multidimensional. One prerequisite to determine if food insecurity exists is food assimilation. “Factors that hamper food assimilation… include a lack of clean water, inadequate health, low rate of literacy, and sanitation facilities for governments to spend on public programmes.” (Suleri 69). These factors and other factors contribute to the world hunger crisis. These factors are the reason why people do not have access to food which results in food insecurity.
Policies consider food insecurity a humanitarian issue or a production issue. Food security is a humanitarian issue because they can’t meet the requirements, and they cannot maintain good food security. Increasing production due to food insecurity, “will sometimes raise questions as to whether food is being produced in a sustainable manner by making use of available resources.” (Suleri 69). Not a lot is being done to make sure everyone has access to food. It is a humanitarian issue because it raises questions about peoples health, and it is a production issue because people are not making good use of the available resources.
In order to reduce world hunger, organizations need to distribute food evenly and reduce the cost of products. Local purchases are flexible and reduces the need for food aid. “If kept separate from trade...

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