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Personal Opinion Of Popular World Music

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Kecak is a form of Balinese dance that originated in the 1930s. It is also known as the “Ramayana Monkey Chant” because of the way the song is performed. Men are typically the ones that perform this piece of music. On CD 2 the song “Kecak” stuck out to me in a good way than the others. I say this because I really like the way it starts off. It starts off slow then speeds up. Also I like the fact that there are no instruments used in the piece. The musicians’ voices make the music and that really stands out the most to me.
The Beleganjur is one of the most popular styles of Gamelan music. the original and main purpose of the Beleganjur was to help the armies into battle to make them feel safe and also strike fear into the hearts of the enemy. The instruments used in this piece are gongs, cymbals, and two different sounding drums. This is another song that I liked as well. To start off there seems like so many instruments are being played. Then there is this one instrument keeping the same beat throughout while the song is being played. Another reason why I like this particular piece of music is because it isn’t very long.
Tito Puente is the original author of “Oye Como Va”. This song was made in 1963 by him. However many believed that Carlos Santana is the author of this piece. Tito in his day was known as the “King of Jazz” because of the type of music he performed. He was known for putting together different styles of music and making it into his own and also putting a twist on Latin music. Oye Como Va is more of a modern sounding type of music to me and that is one of the reasons why I like it so much. There are several of instruments used in this piece. The way the melody switches is so appealing to me. The song triggers something in my heart that makes me feel joyful. When I hear this song it makes me want to dance. I really enjoyed listening to this song.
Ladysmith Black is the author of “Unomathemba”. They are a male group and they do not use any instruments. Their voices are their instruments. Joseph Shabalala formed Ladysmith Black Mambazo because of some dreams he had in 1964. Shabalala entered the group into isicathamiya competitions. They were said to be 'so good' that they were eventually banned to enter the competitions. They had been singing together since the early 1950s, and released their...

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