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There’s no such thing as a peaceful country in today’s world, due to the fact we live in a century where crimes are something you see anywhere you go. Even though there are different types of laws to cease and prevent crimes, criminals always find a way to break those laws and get what they want, causing great impact in our lives physically and mentally. However, criminals like ruining our lives by killing someone, stealing something they find luxurious or doing something to violent affecting the entire country and destroying many peaceful lives. People all over world have their own concept of what is crime and different actions of what they consider illegal in their country. For example, taking a red light in Dominican Republic is a lot different from taking a red light in United States. In Dominican Republic, people know if a cop sees them taking a red light, they won’t do anything or if he does care, which rarely happens, they can just bride them to let it slide. However, in United States, if a cop sees you taking a red light, he will stop you, make sure if you are not drunk and give you a really expensive ticket. This example shows the differences in laws between the two countries and proves the fact that there’s crime in every country because in Dominican Republic, ignoring the red light is still a crime but the authority allows it to happen.
When it comes to theft, losing your personal belongings is not the only consequence of stealing; however, the psychological and physical trauma in victims, not mentioning the pervasive fear and anxiety, stays in their minds the rest of their lives Two years ago, my family and I used to live in a town house 5 minutes away from Dolphin Mall. Our house used to have a front wooden fence next to our main door supported by a giant rock that kept it from opening. The back sliding door of our house that led to our backyard was old and rusty so we kept it open during the day and close it on nighttime. One beautiful day my sister and I got home from school, before opening the door noticed our wooden gate was open. I tried opening the main door and the backdoor, but they were locked as if someone was inside the house. The cops arrived, managed to open the back door and secured the house in less than 5 minutes. When I walked in, noticed everything was gone, TVs, computers, clothes, even an alarm we had from ADT, all gone. Broken family pictures on the floor, graffiti all over the house, saying “We are watching you” The whole neighborhood was terrified, people moved out, some got fences, cameras,...

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