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In the modern world of football, every club has a superstar who can change a game on its head with a rocket of a shot from 30 meters out or miraculous piece of dribbling leading to a goal talked about for weeks. However, when the $tars align and two superstars are brought together the results can be spectacular. This list will delve into the English Premier League and have a look at the worlds most popular league's dynamic duets.

1. Alexis Sanchez and Mersut Ozil

The two most expensive Arsenal players of all time (Ozil at 42.5m and Sanchez at 31.7m pounds respectively) have the ability to combine for some sensual goals as seen through their 3 years together since 2014. When both players are on they are nearly unstoppable, ozil the perfect number 10 has the ability to create a chance when nothing seems on, and alexis has that turn of foot and calmness to finish the chances gifted to him. If arsenal was to break their 14-year drought without premier league success than these two will have to be the backbone of it. This season is finished, it’s a two horse race between Chelsea and Spurs however there is always hope for the following year. When the big games come around, the team seems to always crumble and have been strongly criticised for such. Paul Merson stated, Arsenal needs these power players to turn up when they are needed the most, getting results, easing pressure off everyone. These players are of higher intellect on the football pitcher hence the huge price tags on them, they need to deliver more regularly. Arsenal can finish higher than 4th and this is the pair to take them higher.
Source 442 football magazine

2. Eden Hazard and Diego Costa

All seems to be in place for Chelsea to be crowned champions once again this year after a tubulous previous year. Main reason being is the step up from their two key players, Hazard and Costa, delivering goals and assists in spades. Costa, the strong bullish No.9 uses his arms, elbows and backside to hold off defenders and link play. Antonio Conte has helped him to be more of a focal point, sticking to the width of the penalty box which means he threatens defences in behind and even when appearing to run out of room, always seems to find space to get a shot off. Manager Conte and other players such as Kante and Pedro should be praised for their consistency but as for efficiency, the go to goal normally comes from this duo connecting together. 31 goals combined with 10 assists is brilliant, no wonder teams are swooping in for them, with both possibly leaving in the offseason.

3. Phillippe Coutinho and Roberto Firminho

The Brazilian duo were the driving force behind the Reds’ early season form which saw them prove themselves as firm title contenders. Liverpool under Klopp have been a big success, using an attack style causing havoc amongst epl defences. It is not unusual to see 4-5 goals in a Liverpool match with a 3-2 victory. With this...

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