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World Of Network Security Infirmities Essay

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World of Network Security Infirmities
Network security is a very broad subject for me. I started out in telecommunications field as a Radiomen in United States Navy in 1992. Security was always the main mandate for my job field. I was required to have a security clearance and safeguarding equipment and information for which I had access to. The job area always had all types’ of electronic devices like computers, transmitters, receivers, electronic keying material system (EKMS) equipment, modems, brick phones, and multiplexing devices. These items were always accounted for every 12 hours. Access to the physical space was based on security clearance level and the need to know basis for information.
During the early 90’s, the internet did not exist but as this new phenomena birthed my job title changed with added responsibilities. Information Systems Technician was the new named deemed for my field or IT for short. IT’s were responsible from everything to setting up video teleconferences to resetting user passwords, computer repair and maintaining the network. My was heart always fixated on telecommunications but due to the crass course of telecommunications and network security integration I had to turn over a leaf. The interest for network security still took a time to resonate with my being. I really became interested with network security when I looked at the pay scale and wide variety of jobs in the field. During the final 3 years of my 20 year career in the Armed Forces, I had the privilege to work with the 82nd Sustainment Brigade for a 1yr deployment in Afghanistan. The Army taught me how to be well rounded in Network Security. The taught me make cable and modify networks to fit the customer’s needs.
At the present time, schools, businesses, and global networks are being hacked into. Identity theft is at all-time high. Hackers unlawfully steal personal information and then use it to get capital gain, ruin a company, and site the vulnerabilities of a network. Today’s society is heavily depended upon computers and mobile devices. Free WiFi areas are common in most stores that you go to. FreeWi-Fi is the breeding ground for hackers to snipe critical information from unsuspecting patrons. The purpose of this paper is to find out how many banks, businesses and countries have been affected by hackers, what could be the possible outcome of security weaknesses, and what the United States is doing to prevent cyber terrorism. Research information will be derived from major news articles past and present.

The digital age has changed climate of the world. People have the convenience of paying bills, downloading music and telecommuting to work from home with a computer or mobile device. Information is easily accessible at any given time. These conveniences have paved the way for a new type of criminal. These cyber thieves expose the weaknesses in business infrastructures. The biggest holiday season for retail is after Thanksgiving...

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