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World Of Tools Essay

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Throughout the ages, humans have discovered new ways to make work easier and more efficient by the evolution and use of tools. A tool is a device used to perform or facilitate manual or mechanical work. Most of the time, tools are used for building a structure or repairing one. The field that uses tools the most is the one that involves construction of buildings, houses, or recreational structures. There are two types of tools that one would encounter while on one of these building sights: mechanical tools and hand tools. There are advantages to both of these types of tools and there are also disadvantages. For this reason, one will almost always find a mixture of them on a work ...view middle of the document...

An author of the Hampshire Museum’s website in Southern England writes, “The more advanced a society, the more it produces, and the more tools it uses.” There is much truth to the writer’s findings and it can be seen in the industrial world today. There are a few tools that are used every day to make just about anything one can think of.
One of the most common, yet most useful tools ever invented is the drill. A drill is a tool that is used to bore holes, create fire, drive screws, and fasten materials. Some drills are even used for digging into the earth’s crust for oil and boring into humans mouth’s for tooth surgeries. The earliest drills were hand drills that were spun around by and to bore into materials. The ancient Egyptians used them for building furniture. When people learned to harness electricity, the first electric drills began to emerge in the market in 1889. This made for much quicker work and effortless boring. The most common and generally most work efficient drill, however, is the hand help power drill. This is a cordless drill that is used for driving all kinds of different screws into wood, metal, and other building materials. The screws set by the drill are there to help hold things together. The most important part of a handheld power drill, or any drill for that matter, is the drill bit. The drill bit is what attaches to the rotary part of the power drill and actually does the work. There are bits for boring, cutting, and screwing. The drill is a tool that has changed the way people work and has made woodworking specifically a lot easier on carpenters.
Another very important tool when building a structure is the saw. A saw is used only for cutting materials. Modern day saws have been used to cut through just about anything. The earliest saws were made by hand and had tiny “teeth” or jagged points on one end that cut when rubbed back and forth over the softer material. Much like the drill, the saw has evolved very much over the course of time. Power saws have almost completely taken over the market in today’s world. They are much more effective than hand saws for basically the same reason as the power drill: electricity does all the work and it is incredibly faster than working by hand. Two types of saws are commonly used for cutting wood. The first is the circular saw. This is a power saw that has a blade in the shape of a circle. The blade has a sharp, jagged edge that spins opposite of the way the teeth of...

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