World Of Warcraft, Just A Game?

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Mr. President, Mr. Secretary General, my fellow delegates, ladies and gentlemen…There is an old Japanese saying - "Kawara mo migakeba tama" which translates into "If you polish even a tile it becomes a gem". Even though Japan has endured several hardships and it has been turned into what is but a shadow of the former giant, it can still be polished by hard work and dedication into something beautiful.Wouldn't it be a horrible world if people would receive less pay because of old traditions and culture? Wouldn't it be a horrible world if large groups of people don't get a basic education, which we hold as a right for every human? Wouldn't it be a horrible world if your chances to get promoted or get elected to a political occupation would be greatly diminished if you were a certain kind of human? Well, the sad truth is that that is the case all around the world for 50% of the population; I'm of course talking about the oppression done upon to the female part of our species. No less should they get paid the same, educated the same and have the same chances of success as any male out there.By no means do we claim to be the ideal country when it comes to gender equality, in fact Japan is extremely far behind when it comes to equality among the genders compared to other industrialized countries. However we've taken several measures in order to improve. We are not here to blame, nor are we here in order to point fingers at what is right and what is wrong. We are here because we believe that here in this building in order to...

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833 words - 3 pages character Torrence asks "Ever been to acheerleading competition?" Well, I will ask you the same question, just as people go towatch a football game, people fill the stands to cheer for the cheerleaders. Some squadswill go home happy, and others will leave crying (actually most squads cry for a win or aloss). It is real and it is competition. I know, I have been in both positions. To know thatyour squad worked together although many of the girls may

Final Fantasy to World of Warcraft: The Benefits of Video Games

2027 words - 9 pages and how to lead a group" (Grace, Lobel, and Engels). This can help with group projects in school or being on a sports team. Adults can experience the positive effect of game-play with others just as well as children. By using a "well validated measure of mental health and well-being," evidence has been found "that for adult players, a positive impact on well-being resulted from playing video games with other people" (Browne, 2013). In school

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1405 words - 6 pages Does anyone care for Sunday night football? This is not just any Sunday night NFL game, but the biggest sporting event in the world that 151 million people will watch in 232 different countries. (“By the Numbers”). Welcome to the Super Bowl. The huge night that everyone looks forward to is a “billion-dollar economic engine that is bigger than the Gross Domestic Product of many nations” (John 3). Although the Super Bowl is only played once a

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747 words - 3 pages King of the Bingo Game is a short story written by Ralph Ellison, first published in 1944. The key characters in the story are the game announcer, the King, and the dying woman, Laura. Laura is the embodiment of equality sought by African-Americans. The King represents the aspiring African-American. The bingo announcer represents the unobtainable status of the white man. The characters in King of the Bingo Game are used to explain the situation

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1248 words - 5 pages to see the non-materialistic world of nature. One could spend less time shopping. When one walks into a store with a specific purpose, they are less likely to spend money and time shopping for other things. Avoiding materialism is one way to grow closer to God in a culture that tells people to buy one’s way to success. Another way our culture undermines our faith is through the use of media. Not only do the media encourage the materialistic

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1205 words - 5 pages congress to convene with a ruling and declared war on the Empire of Japan. However compelling the President’s speech was, and however right the American people felt they were, this war would test their will and resolve. However it takes multiple generations and time for history to gain an objective opinion on whether the actions made by the U.S. and its allies would constitute a “Just” war. For this to be decided the Just War theory is brought into

"Just A Game" - a first-year level script for a 5 minute film production.

692 words - 3 pages This is a script for a 5 minute film production that was done at Cape Town's CityVarsity Film School at a first year level. We weren't really concentrating on scriptwriting, mainly on camera work and lighting, but I thought people might enjoying reading this - it's a little different - I look forward to your comments!"Just a Game"A countdown timer of a watch runs down from 1 Hour, then 2 friends are sitting talking to each other - they are about

A Game Can Change Your Whole World - Analysis on the movie The Game, staring Michael Douglas.

674 words - 3 pages realizes the true value of money once again when he has an extreme lack of it. This leads him to overcome his greedy nature.Nicholas becomes more caring and appreciative of people, he values his life and he is no longer greedy for money. Nicholas transforms into a new person as a result of his game and can now see things in a new light. So, can a simple game change a person's life? Yes it can, but only if the person's encounters and struggles that were once missing from their life can change their way they view the world.

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1239 words - 5 pages JUST-IN-TIME STRATEGY FOR A TURBULENT WORLDUniversity of PhoenixJanuary 25, 2009Linda StewartMBA/580Instructor: Dr. Conrado SampangJUST-IN-TIME STRATEGY FOR A TURBULENT WORLDThe article discusses difficulties of companies in business forecasting due to rising risk levels and uncertainty. The author recommends using a "portfolio of initiatives" approach to strategy to reduce the number of risks taken by a company. Chief executive officers (CEO

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1146 words - 5 pages Recently, I shocked my peers here at the College of Wooster by telling them that in my hometown we play “Paper Scissors Rock” as opposed to “Rock Paper Scissors,” and we call shopping carts “buggies.” However, nothing surprises them as much as the fact that I had less than 240 students in my public high school. To many of them a school that small seems irrational, and they struggle to understand how I could have possibly received a quality

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1134 words - 5 pages Life is full of obstacles and challenges that occasionally require help from family and friends, and steps that we all must take. As human beings we are constantly learning throughout these steps and challenges. So in this sense life is similar to a game of soccer because just as in everyday life we go through the same obstacles, and have people there to support us. In a game of soccer, players, acquire cuts and scrapes just as we gain

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1356 words - 5 pages I have chosen to review the” World of Warcraft” also known as WOW. This game is more than a simple role playing game with dice. It is so much more than a Nintendo or a Sega game. The game consists of choosing a faction, Race, Class, and what to make your character look like. There are Quests, Dungeons, Raids, Professions, Guilds, Battle grounds, and arenas. It is so involved it takes months if not years to reach a point where I have done all I

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912 words - 4 pages computers and new technologies to be more "green", utilizing more recovered materials. Also a new industry is being spawned recycling computer components, and companies such as Xerox already recycle and refurbish their own machines and sell them at a discount to employees and other consumers. They have seen the profitability of acting in an environmentally conscious manner. This however, just like most government issues is slow coming and the

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1009 words - 5 pages correlation between immediate violence among teens. There are many factors that relate to teenage violence, social violence including bullying, physical fighting, criminal assaults and even homicide. The media often draws a link from the playing of violent video games to the suspects of school shootings in the United States (Grohol 1). “Other primary arguments against a cause-effect relationship between game violence and real-life violence focus on

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2642 words - 11 pages and competition are taken too far. It is not uncommon for schools to grow to hate each other just because of competition. It is a selfish act when students lash out at one another because of the outcome of a game and, unfortunately, it is not only the students who take part in this demeaning act; parents are common participants as well. According to the book Opposing Viewpoints: Sports and Athletics, “In July of 2000 a father beat the adult