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Matthew and Alison walked as quietly as they could in the corridor of the castle. They did not want to cause trouble - or be in trouble. Alison knew where she wanted to go. However, Matthew being unsure of Alison’s intentions tried persuading her to get back to the portal. She ignored his whispered pleas and moved closer to the door that she wished to enter.
The corridor with no windows, little light, and so cold on the skin, bought hidden fear to Matthew as he held on to the hilt of his sword, ready to use the weapon quickly if it was needed.
Alison began to open the door to a room. Matthew winced; he had no idea what was going to happen, as he quickly looked around, hoping no one was watching. She walked into the room, and closed the door when Matthew had entered.
“Jeez, look at the size of this room,” Matthew gasped, when he saw Amir's private chamber.
Alison did not acknowledge him; she was busy looking for something. However, the room was tidy. No jewel's lay around like the last time she had visited. Alison frowned. She was not in the mood to go looking for things. She wanted to see the pink gem on the floor like the last time she had been in here.
“Where is it?” she shouted, as she pulled a book from the shelf and threw it across the room.
“Stop it. They’ll hear you,” Matthew whispered in an angry tone.
“They have taken the gem. I want the gem. I need to go to my place of solace!” Alison screamed.
“What gem?” Matthew asked, as he began looking around, and carefully picking things up so as not to make a sound.
“It’s pink. An unusual coloured gem. I want it NOW!” Alison shouted, her voice bouncing from the walls in an undignified manner. “If I find that they have stolen from me, there is going to be more bloodshed!” Alison growled.
Matthew frantically looked for the gem. He had known it was not Alison that had been speaking to him and wanted to get rid of whoever it was inside her.
The door opened to the unsuspecting pair. It was Matthew who saw the two soldiers standing there. Alison was oblivious to them, until she could smell the air changing to a fresh smell of blood. She turned and rather than look petrified, she flew at the men, grabbing one by the throat. Matthew could not believe what he was seeing. He took his sword out of its belt and held it out in front of him. But Alison seemed to have everything under control.
“You have stolen from me, you vile weasels!” Alison shouted.
“N-n-no we would not do that,” stuttered the soldier who Alison had got in her grasp stuttered.
“You lie, you are no good at lying, I can see it in those eyes. You are weak and no use to me.”
“Please no, I’m-m telling the truth, I have not taken anything,” the soldier repeated, gasping for air, as his throat was being squeezed tighter.
“If you tell me who has been in this room I will let you go— if not,” Alison smiled, her face showing hatred for the man in front of her.
“I-I don’t know, please don’t kill me,” the soldier begged as Alison squeezed tighter,...

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realm of wonders union Essay

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realm of wonders union Essay

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Realm Of Wonders Union Essay

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