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In recent studies when Child abuse i to a person’s attention eighty-nine percent could only think of physical abuse while the other five percent thought of verbal abuse and the while the six percent thought of both excessive beating and psychological harm to a child. In more specific words child abuse is any act of commission that puts danger or impairments on a child’s physical, or emotional health as well as development t with unexplainable and non-accidental reasons by any person that is able to know right from wrong.

In peoples’ mind the thought of hurting a child beyond a simple spanking for disobedience is sickening and absurd, but the truth is that seventy percent of children abused ...view middle of the document...

Child abuse affect our society and the upcoming generation. For every three abused child there will be five un-abused children, but every two out of three abused children will become bullies in school and outside. Abused children resort to physical and verbal violence at a young age to help cope with internal turmoil and yearning for approval and affection. Unless an adult figure that is able to form an internal connection and form a bond of trust the child will grow up the only way it knows how and will show the hatred and violence of their parents and continue the domino effect of abuse.

Child abuse affects the outlook of the child. As the child grows up the personal view of people can have darkness and ill felling, and suicide is sometimes chosen as an easy way out. The world will seem dangerous and out to harm them, people will seem un-accepting and untrustworthy resulting in a violent, unstable barrier surrounding the abused person. Trust is hard to gain and be under constant question and skepticism as well as limited human contact due to social anxieties and trust issues. In recent studies when asked why do you think your parents or guardians chose to abuse 35 percent answered because, their parents didn’t love them and they were an accident, 42 percent stated that their parents might have...

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