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Buddhism is not like many of the other religion .Buddhists is a unique way of living and becoming one
with the world .This religion is a quite extraordinary by its principal and ethic. It mainly teaches to be focus on the personal spiritual development , they also strive to understand their deep insight into the true nature of life .In Fact Buddhism do not believe in a highly superpower because there is not enough evidence to proven the idea that god really exist , instead their understanding is that everything always depends on everything else for example the present event always sources to the past and then later on become the future event .However personal ...view middle of the document...

Furthermore these statement will be explain in the following paragraph .

In the paragraph above explain buddha significant toward mankind of how he show sympathetic, love and even had a solution to suffer death, and weath . Regardless buddha teaches that there is no room for a supernatural figure .So if Buddist don't believe in a god what do they believe in the tripitaka scripture.Firstly buddhism do not believe in god due to benevolence . Their principle ethic is that every human being on earth our valuable and foremost that all have potential augment into a buddha . The tripitaka scripture basically organized and set morals for the buddhist follower that they can outgrow ignorance and hatred , anger , spite and envy can be replace by love patience ,kindness and generosity .All buddhist believe that each person is fully capable of themself if they make the effort , guided and encouraged by the individual buddhists and inspired by the example of buddha .As he says ‘ No one saves us but ourselves, no one can and no one may.We ourselves must walk the path, but Buddhas clearly show the way’’Dp 165¸. Overall this is why buddhism believe in a higher powerful supernatural being is not necessary in their religion but setting a solution to their problem is through self understanding in tripitaka .

Secondly the buddhist scripture teach moral ethic toward humanity .Buddhism treat the earth with kindness and respect to mainly understand the true nature of the world. There ‘Moral ethic is that true nature is always there, but due to our temporary obscuration we do not recognize it’’.Neverless how do buddhist believe the world was created in the tripitaka scripture ?. Buddhism believe that the world was not created by any divinity because they accepted that the earth had no beginning or ending which is simply like reincarnation .Also they surmise that the whole entire universe is an illusion.. However buddhism teach that it isn't necessary to question the authority of the universe existence but if the follower in the buddhist religion question the authority of how the world "appear"they can not proceed the journey to enlightenment .Buddha the (enlightened one) preach how it isn't necessary because their are more things to concern rather than the universe .Despite that buddhism explain their psychology theory of the universe .The universe was create ,then process substitution and afterward is demolish. This sequence is called a kalpa and has oradianly befall us many of times .There perspective is that people are born then live later on perish and then reborn , so is the ideal perspective of the universe .In Fact the tripitaka say ‘ If one reads Abhidhamma as a prevailing document on psychology’’ .Which makes their viewpoint very rational to say that no divinity is responsible however their theory is that the earth itself just reborn .Buddha says that ‘there is no first beginning, no...

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