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IntroductionWhat is religion? Religion can be difficult to define, because each person has a different idea of what this word means. Since there are some many different definitions of this world that there is no right or wrong answers. Religion can be defined as a set beliefs, attitudes or practices that are related to a divine Supreme Being. There are so many different religions that exist in today's world that it is an important part of each person's culture. They are not only way of worshiping a god but also the way they dress, eat and talk. The religion chosen for this World Religion report is that of the Mormon religion. The other religion that will be discussed and compared to the Mormonism is that of the Hindu religion.The Religion of MormonismThe Mormon religion was established by Joseph Smith around the year 1830. Joseph Smith was born in Vermont in the city of Sharon to a poor family and received very little education. After his father made an unsuccessful investment he moved his family to western part of New York. As a child his family belonged to the Seekers religion. This religion can be defined as a religious society that was established around the 1600s. The seekers were a group of people who discarded all forms of religions and rituals (English Dissenters). When Joseph Smith was in his teens his family converted over to the Presbyterian faith. It was at this when he first started to question which one of the Christian faiths was the one true faith. According to the Mormon religion it believed that when he was 14 years of age God the Father and Jesus appeared to him in a vision and told him all the other Christian faiths had fallen away from the one true path, and recommended he not join them. He then made them the promise of restoring the one real faith. Several years later it is said that an angel by the name of Moroni, who was the son of the prophet Mormon. The angel Moroni gave him two golden tablets that were inscribed with Hebrew Scriptures and symbols which he translated into the Book of Mormon around the year 1830. Later this same year in the month of April The Church of Christ was founded and gained 1000 followers within the first year, four years later it was renamed to "The Church of LatterWorld ReligionsDay Saints", (LDS) (Oliver, Walker and Branch). From almost the beginning the new upcoming church started facing persecution and slowly started to move westward. The followers of the LDS moved to state of Ohio in the city of Kirtland were Sidney Rigdon, who was a well-known preacher and his followers welcomed Mormonism. Some of the other followers of this faith moved to Jackson County, Missouri. Conflict in these communities soon arose between the Mormons and those non-Mormons; it led to murders and burnings of Mormon properties. Face with all the persecutions the Mormons still managed to convince others to convert and their followers increased. A few years later Joseph Smith who was being held in a local jail on the...

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