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1.) b) Describe the basic philosophy of the Tao Tê Ching and discuss how this text developed over centuries.
The basic philosopy of Tao Te Ching was that of living in harmony with the basic force behind nature (Religions of the World page 181). Tao Te Ching split into to different groups; one group was those who followed the teachings of Lao-tzu and Chuang-Tzu. The other group was focused on the extension of life, not through reincarnation, but extension of present life. Through the process of seeking the extension of life, Taoist found their first god, and more and more gods began to develop. Soon Tao Te Ching was official validated and recognized as a scripture. The influence of Tao Te Ching spread and became the religion of the masses to the Chinese people. Through influence with Buddhism Taoism evolved and began to merge with other religions. A battle between Buddhist and Taoist broke out, and it was a battle of influence, which eventually led to persecution. Each groups teachings change until both where mixed with Confucius teachings, and each became more accepting of every religions gods. Each group copied the other, although it seems that Taoism copied more. The ultimate goal was to create a religion that expanded greater that the other in order to become the common religion of the people. Through the interaction with Buddhist and the techniques that Taoist used to find immortality, Tao Te Ching developed. The teachings of Tao Te Ching are held in high regard, the material evolved through the entries of many poets. Though the texted specifically explains that china’s future in religion is in question. The government in china has total control over religions, and religions are subject to the government’s whims.

2.) Four-Part Problem:
Problem: Lack of Social Harmony
Solution: Ren, Li, Zhong, Shu, Xiao,Virtue.
Techniques: Following ritual...


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