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World Religions Report: BuddhismBarbara Perez-LugoW9 Final ProjectAxia College of University of PhoenixAmy PerumalJune 4, 2007BuddhismBuddhism is based on the life, revelations and teachings of Siddhartha Gautama (560-480 BC). Siddhartha (Buddah) was born the prince of the Sakhya to King Suddhodana and his wife, Queen Mayadevi. Kumar N. (2004) "Scriptures assert that Buddha chose a king as his father since the royal caste was more respected that the priestly one". Queen Mayadevi is believed to have been miraculously impregnated by a white elephant that touched her right side with its trunk in a dream. Royal fortunetellers believed that the dream indicated that Queen Mayadevi was indeed with child. In addition, the child would have extraordinary qualities.The birth of Siddhartha (Buddha) is an amazing tale of miracles. According to Kumar N. (2004)… Queen Mayadevi carried the child for 10 months before giving birth. Following tradition, Mayadevi journeyed to her mother's home for assistance in the birthing of her child. However, Buddha is said to have been born in a beautiful grove where Mayadevi had stopped to rest during the journey. As she stepped out of her carriage she grabbed hold of the branch of a nearby tree and immediately went into labor. Buddha is said to have instantaneously immerged from her right side. The infant Buddha promptly began to walk in the grove and lotus flowers sprang up from his every footprint. He even spoke with comprehensively structured words. Baby Buddha is quoted as saying… "Worlds above, worlds below, there's [sic] no one in the world like me" (Kumar N., 2004, paragraph 10). His body even bore the marks of his distinction.Siddhartha was born with at least 32 providential marks (Mahavyanjana) and numerous minor marks (Anuvyanjana) on his body. Astrologers of the time interpreted these birth marks as an indication Siddhartha's future. Their interpretations predicted that Siddhartha was destined to take one of two very different paths to in fulfilling his destiny for greatness. Rahula W. (n.d.) "The child, on attaining manhood, would become either a universal monarch (Chakravarti), or abandoning house and home, would assume the robe of a monk and become a Buddha, a perfectly enlightened soul, for the salvation of mankind". Their predictions included four signs, a crippled person, a sick person, a deceased person, and a monk seeking eternal rather than worldly pleasure. King Suddhodana realized that for Siddhartha to become Buddha he would have to see the four signs.King Suddhodana tried to hide the four signs from his son in an attempt to ensure his future as a universal monarch. According to Fisher M.P. (2005)… Siddhartha was raised in the lap of luxury. He was accustomed to superior garments, colognes, cosmetics, the company of female musicians, and a harem of dancing girls. He was trained in martial arts and even had a mansion for each season. He was...

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