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b) In what sense did Jesus fulfill the role of Jewish messiah? In what sense did he not fulfill this role?
Jesus Christ fulfilled every role that his purpose here on earth required; he came to fulfill the law and to save mankind from sin. The Jews where looking for a different type of Jesus, they sought a Son Of Man coming from the clouds with a crown of glory. What the Jews did not understand was that there will be a day when Jesus does return as they wanted him to, but this was not the right time, and he had work to do before. Jesus came to earth to seek and to save that, which was lost, he did not come to rule and reign for a thousand years. The Jews could not accept that a carpenter’s son, born in a manger, was the King of kings and Lord of lords. Therefore they despised him and called him blasphemer, when if fact he was the Son of GOD. Jesus did not come to establish his kingdom on earth; he came to save mankind from hell. The Jews where looking for a glorious and powerful Son of God who had come to condemn the world; and they where met with a compassionate, loving, understanding, meek Jesus Christ. Though some of the scriptures matched what Jesus was doing, the Jews eyes where blind to the truth. And in the end it was the Jews action that crucified Jesus, they were insistent upon his crucifixion. This is perhaps because God gave his only begotten son so that man could have everlasting life; and this would not have been possible without Jesus giving up the Ghost on the cross.
b) What factors helped cause the Protestant Reformation? What have been some of the long- term consequences for Western society of the Reformation?

The protestant reformation was a defiance of the powers that be, and actions of reformers and reform movements. The defiance aspect was crucial in the protestant reformation,...

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