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World Stage On Fighting Terrorism Essay

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The following is a summary of the wide variety of leadership traits that Majors and Generals utilize to motivate and inspire soldiers in the face of battle. The author of the article gives the reader a close up view of the roles these leaders play or initiate. During an operation or in training, these traits determine whether the leader and his team have a successful mission or not. This essay reviews two important figures in the United States Army namely General Martin Dempsey and General Tommy Franks. The two have both served in the Army for over thirty five years. This essay generally relates leadership roles with these two war veterans.
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He was able to recognize and understand the issues that would develop in institutions and stable governance in post-Saddam Iraq.
The second trait a leader should possess is leadership motivation. This is where a leader has the desire to influence and lead others. It’s frequent to find leaders with high leadership motivation having the desire to assume responsibility in many occasions, which means a greater desire to influence and lead others. Successful leaders must be willing to implement their power over their subordinates through issuing of tasks and duties (Kirkpatrick & Locke, 1991). The fact that General Martin Dempsey returned to Iraq for two years to train security forces of the Iraq National Security Agency at the height of a secretarial war that leaves thousands dead gives the reader a glimpse of the leadership motivation possessed by him. Appropriate sanctions should be utilized to motivate or innovate soldiers (Harvey, 2009). The author suggests that the General’s ease in making this decision is a component of his initiative.
The other leadership trait that aids in influencing and motivating soldiers established in both these Generals is honesty (integrity) (Harvey, 2009). A good example of how this value is portrayed in the article is where the President of the United States of America Barrack Obama issued a televised message about the risk of Syria attacking the States. General Martin Dempsey warned against intervening as the impact will prove to be intricate. This is another portrayed role a leader should acquire or own as effective communication means efficiency in team performing thus success in missions and operations. So far, the reader is aware on issues that a leader has to watch over to avoid failure. The reader understands the significance of the relationship that exists between honesty and integrity and how it’s the stepping stone to the formulation of trust bonds between leaders and soldiers, which goes a long way during operations. In a quotation, the writer states that, for leaders to be effective successful openness and discreteness should be implemented. Effective leaders provide credibility. Soldiers will perform whether they are under quality leadership that results from trust bonds.
A leader who is self confident in him or herself and the activities performed, is a leader who can influence and lead well. Self confidence is the other trait the author discusses in this article. Soldiers have to be convinced with the decisions their leader executes, meaning leaders have to be confident in their...

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