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The World Trade Center On September 11, 2001

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As a Union County Fireman Battalion Chief James Adams has seen it all, from small houses to massive buildings brought down by fires. Working as Union County Fire Department in Union, New Jersey for over 25 years he has become an expert at fighting fires. Because of Chief Adams work ethic, he never married or had any children. Chief Adams was completely invested in his career. There was only one event during his career that worried him. February 26, 1993, the first World Trade Center bombing. Although he did not fight the fire, Chief Adams knew many that did. Gratefully, no firemen died but the unsettling part about the whole ordeal was hijackers were able to get passed security. This tragic event never left Chief Adams mind. Little did he know that history would repeat itself.

One particular morning on September 11, 2001, Chief Adams was going out, “Hey! Guys im going to Dunkin Donuts, anyone want anything?” he shouted. A few of the firemen replied with orders as Chief Adams walked out the garage door. Walking out of Dunkin Donuts he felt a vibration followed by a tropical ringtone. “Chief, you need to get here now, the World Trade Center has been hit,” the panicked fireman explained frantically. Frozen in his tracks, Chief Adams assured the fireman everything was going to get handled. Reminiscing about the first World Trade Center attack in 1993, a feeling of devastation came over him abruptly. Returning to the firehouse Chief Adams was yelling orders to the firemen, “Francis, call the New York Fire Departments and see what supplies they need.” All the other firemen were told to prepare the fire trucks for dispatch. “We’re going to New York, we have to fill in for the New York City Fire Departments,” Chief dictated, still stunned by the news he heard 30 minutes earlier. District chief who was one rank lower than Battalion Chief Adams instructed the men to move faster, “Get your shit, we leave in 10.” The firemen had to pack all of their necessary personal supplies but the only quarrel is that it had to fit into a small sized duffel bag which read Union County Fire Department with the Union, NJ fire departments address bedecked in small writing on the bottom.

All of Union County’s Fire Departments were headed into New York City. Mutual Aid Systems are “ agreement that establishes procedures whereby a disaster- impacted state can request and receive assistance from other member states quickly and efficiently.” (In-Text Citation) The mutual aid system between New York and Union County allowed Union County to provide supplies such as water, food, equipment, etc. in times of extreme urgency. Reaching a fire department in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, the New York City firemen instructed Chief Adams to tell the additional fire trucks to fan out all over New York. The firemen from Union County that happened to stay with Chief Adams were taken around New York to become familiar with the area. The mission of the Union County Firemen was to...

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