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In the agenda of world view regarding education and learning, I aim to illustrate my world views in perspective, cultivated by my background in religion and family upbringing. All around the globe people are talking about the term called world view. How do we define world view? As quoted by Samovar and Porter (2004), "world view is an inside view of the way things are colored, shaped, and arranged according to personal cultural preconceptions". He also states that "world views, again like culture, are automatic and unconscious". I ask myself how many times do we allow ourselves to lower our guard and end up allowing society to change our thinking and reasoning into what the rest of the world might think or portray as popular culture. Members of society, particularly when opposing your view, always reiterate that we live in modern times, modern times indeed. Every society has a culture; each culture has a different method and reasoning for thinking. Here is a fact that we must all realise and it is that major majority of existing issues in every culture panorama that deals with their basic theology ruling.According to Futrell (2006), parents are the facilitators in the formation of a youngster's worldview, and these views are shaped by their culture and upbringing. In regards to religion, if I was to ask someone who is God, their ideals and answer would vary depending on which part of the globe they inhabit, where they originated from, and influencing factors such as family and friends. This is where their development of a world view begins. Why, because 99% of the world's population believe there is a God, a supreme being and 1% don't believe there is a God and their view of creation is neither based on religious background nor Darwinism. So what does it leave them with? Those within an equivalent culture inaugurate to migrate towards those who have the same beliefs. In turn they share the same views, beliefs and attitudes, particularly to education and learning, regardless of race.In my opinion I don't think today's society care nor are educated in regards to court protocol and its rank system. From an early age, I have been taught that religion goes hand in hand with the manner in which we act, think, behave and the way we carry ourselves, and further that our behaviour and actions reflect particularly upon our family.My family has been the driving force to my interpretation of the world and its views, and naturally this has had an effect on my education. According to Hobson (1996) "a worldview is a set of beliefs that we hold and through which we organise our understanding of ourselves and our understanding of others". An example is once in my high school science class, my teacher was discussing the Theory of Evolution, as it was part of the curriculum. The lesson went overboard when he went around the room asking random students if they believed in the creation of man as stated in Genesis, or whether they believed in Darwin's evolution from...

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