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The Origin And Effects Of World War Ii

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Many people have different ideas about the way World War 2 really started. It’s

recorded in history that on the date of September 1, 1939, Germany attacked Poland. The

reaction to the attack was six longs years of war between many different countries. Many

people wondered what provoked the Germans to attack other countries.

The Germans took over Austria and Czechoslovakia without a fight. The reason for this

was that the British did not want a bloody repeat of World War 1. The British thought they

could avoid conflict by giving up the two of those countries. France and Britain did not

understand Hitler’s goal of gaining land more than their own country. France and Britain soon

realized that giving up some of their land to please Hitler would not work out.

To eliminate the possibility of the Soviet Union attacking the Germans, Hitler made a

pact with them. This pact was called the “Nazi-Soviet Non-aggression pact.” The reason the

Germans made this pact was so they would not look like the attackers even though they were.

The effect of this was the Soviet Union did not realize what the Nazis were doing until it was

too late to try and stop them.

The Nazis needed a reason to attack Poland so they came up with one. A Nazi by the

name of Heinrich Himmler was the man who thought of the idea. Heinrich named the idea

operation Himmler. Himmler’s plan was to take a man from one of their concentration camps

and dress him in a polish uniform. After that they took him to the border of Poland and

Germany to a small town called Gleiwitz.

After that Himmler had a Nazi soldier shoot him dead. This made it look like a Polish

attack on a nearby German radio station. The Germans used this incident as an excuse to attack

Poland. Early the next morning on September 1, 1939 German troops invaded Poland. This was

the day after the staged attack that took place. The attack strategy the Germans used was very

overwhelming and fast. They called it a Blitzkrieg which means “lightening war.”

The Germans used an air attack early that morning that the Poles did not see coming. The

Germans hit so fast that most of Poland’s air force was destroyed before it even left the

ground. To stop the Polish army from moving the German planes bombed roads and bridges.

Groups of ground soldiers were machine gunned down from the air.

The Germans attacked everyone including women and children fleeing from the

warzone. If the Germans ever spotted fleeing citizens they were attacked and probably killed.

The Germans thought that the more confusion and chaos they could slow down Poland’s force.

Poland fought back, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Germans.

The Germans had 62 divisions of soldiers. Out of those 62 divisions 6 of them were

armored. The Germans invaded Poland by land. Poland had an army and wasn’t defenseless

but they couldn’t stop the Germans heavy equipment. Poland had only 40 divisions of troops

and none of them were...

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