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In 1939, many countries of the world were involved in a major event, which was World War II. In 1942, the United States officially entered the war a year succeeding the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, an essential U.S. naval port, on December 7th ,1941. Although there were no battles that occurred on American soil, it still affected many Americans on the American home front in numerous way. Also, World War II had multiple effects on Americans’ lives.
Women and minorities were affected by World War II in various ways. One way was that they worked in factories to be actively involved in the war effort (Doc 1). Rosie the Riveter was a popular, fictitious figure used in propaganda to persuade women to support and participate in helping the war. Also, several women enlisted into the war as nurses (Army Nurse Corps and Cadet Nurse Corps) and soldiers to support it too. Another way was women helped to grow food to assist the soldiers (Document 4). They grew the food ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, women and minorities had significant impacts on their lives during World War II.
During World War II, numerous Americans gathered and preserved supplies to be actively involved in the war and assist the soldiers so the United States will have an advantage in a surplus of supplies over everyone else. One example is conveyed in Document 2 and it shows how supplies needed to be rationed during the war because the military personnel required them the most. Rationing is the controlling and distribution of scarce or available supplies, goods, and services during a war. If there were not enough supplies to ration for soldiers, the U.S. government also allowed for its citizens to purchase war bonds to finance the war. As it was shown by Document 3, another method was Americans collected supplies to send them to the soldiers for military use. There were a plethora of supplies collected, such as gas, coffee, food, silk, rubber, tires, nylon, clothing, and a multitude of other objects as well. The OPACS/OPA ( Office of Price Administration and Civilian Supply/Office of Price Administration ) and the WPB (War Production Board) helped to watch over the manufactured supplies from factories and made sure they were rationed and distributed to civilians or soldiers. As stated earlier, the Hispanic-Americans and POWS (Prisoners of War) helped to avoid shortages in vital supplies such as food. Therefore, Americans collected and rationed multiple supplies during the war.
World War II was a period of time that affected not only the United States, but other nations were impacted as well. American citizens did whatever they could to participate in the effort by either enlisting in the war as military personnel or working in factories to make supplies. Eventually, the United States’ constant effort during the occurrence of this war aided the Allies to a very deserving victory over the Axis Powers.Therefore, World War II had an enormous effect on several Americans’ lives.

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