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Paradise Road - Accuracies/Inaccuracies
Paradise Road, directed by Bruce Beresford, depicts the story of the prisoner of war women who were forcefully imprisoned on the island of Sumatra. The movie is based on the women who were captured by the allies of the Axis power (Germany, Italy and Japan). The prisoner of war were from Australian, American, English and Dutch descent. The film is a WW2 backdrop and focuses on the hardships of the women who were captured. The movie is mainly based on the concept of the vocal orchestra which was created by the main characters Adrianne and Daisy. Paradise Road is the journey of the conditions of the women who suffer for 2 years in POW camps. The movie depicts the woman's courage, perseverance, solidarity and creativity and their survival during times of hardship.

Paradise Road varies from a war genre movie to a movie that is an appropriation of prisoner of war women in World War 2. The film portrays a number of inaccuracies and anachronisms. An example of inaccuracies present within the film are the actual dates and the time of events of which historical events took place. For example, it is clearly apparent in the opening sciences that the date of the fall of Singapore and the invasion of the Japanese is changed. The fall of Singapore did not occur until the 15th February 1942, and there was no announcement of evacuation on the 10th of February as shown in the movie. The reason of this inaccuracy in the movie is not evident. The movie also does not show the Banka Island Massacre, as a result of the changes in the date. Beresford, varies the date in the movie to create excitement and tension on the screen for an anticipated reaction by the audience in the climax. The composer intelligently does not show the massacre to increase the rating of the film. In Paradise Road, if the Banka island massacre had been depicted, the climax of the movie wouldn't have been as awaited because of the gruesome events that would've occurred early in the movie. The atrocity that was deemed upon the women during the massacre who were shot on the beach, would have created a sense of vulnerability in the audience.

Furthermore, the movie progresses towards the camp where the women were held hostage. The filmmakers tried the uttermost to try to show the realities of the ill, and emaciated stick-figure prisoners, however weren't completely successful. The movie presents with minor inaccuracies with characters and their portrayal onscreen. The character of Adrienne Pargiter was seen as wounded when she arrived at the camp her character is a mix of Vivian Bullwinkel (the sole survivor of Banka island massacre) and Norah Chambers....

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