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The Grand Canyon will make you say “wow!” The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona, Southwestern United States and it’s ecosystem is home to a variety of plant and animal species or organisms. A canyon is a narrow valley between high cliffs. An ecosystem is a system formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment. However today human activities such as development, drilling and mining are effecting the organisms, the infrastructure and the humans that depend on the Grand Canyon as a resource. We must protect the Grand Canyon and prevent any further human impact.
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“I mean it’s normal for weathering and erosion to take place but human activities are changing this absolute wonder,” a park spokesperson said. This is how human activities affect the infrastructure of the Grand Canyon.
The last reason we must protect the Grand Canyon and prevent further human impact is because humans are destroying their own needs by destroying the Grand Canyon with activities humans think would benefit them. According to Rachel Carson, she quoted “Man is part of nature and war against nature is war against himself.” This means man is a part of nature and now man depends on nature to survive and man destroying nature such as the activities is destroying himself because he is somehow connected to nature. This means the same with the Grand Canyon because the humans live near the Grand Canyon depend on the Grand Canyon for sources such as food or water to survive. Human activities wipe out populations of animal and plant species and each organism has an important role of the food chain. If one animal or plant...

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