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World War I The Positives And Negatives For The Us Joining The War.

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World War I began in a frenzy of debate. Should the U.S. join the war or stay uninvolved? If they were to join, which alliance would they support? Even today people still deliberate whether or not America should have joined the war and if they had anything to gain. The positives and negatives of joining WWI vary from reimbursement to death toll. Many controversial events also instigated the entrance of the United States into World War I.

Though conquest in war may bring a sense of triumph to a country, it also brings devastation and massive loss. Many American citizens believed that America should not join the war for this reason. Just the number of soldiers that will be deployed and killed is staggering. The death toll would be enormous. Even the soldiers that would return would be traumatized for the rest of their lives. Another negative about joining the war, is the expense. Soldiers would have to be sent across the ocean to Britain where the territory was unknown. The American government would need to buy ammunition, ships, and other wartime supplies. All this would be invested when the U.S. had nothing to gain. They were not fighting for land or money. The war started between Austria-Hungary and Serbia, with European allies rushing to help. America was not threatened in any way, at first. But for every negative side, there is a positive side.

War may be a time of death and loss, but it is also instills nationalism and positive thinking into the citizens of a country. Many American citizens sided with the opinion that the U.S. should join the war. America was selling goods to Great Britain, which they would later be reimbursed for. America would not only be able to form new alliances, but to help the Allies. By being involved in the war, the U.S. would be one of the first countries to have advanced warfare technology. If they were not the United States would never know what kind of machinery their opponents...

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