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World War Ii: Pearl Harbor & The Pacific War

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Chaos and continual disorder encompassed the people across the globe in the years prior to the declaration of war between the Axis and Allied powers in 1939. The Great Depression that had struck soon after the First World War left much of the world unemployed and desperate for relief. Nationalism swept through Germany in response to the terms of the Versailles Treaty that ended World War I. China and Japan had been at war since Japanese troops invaded Manchuria in 1931. Germany, Italy, and Japan began multiple invasions and occupations of nearby countries. When they received no meaningful consequences for their aggressive actions, they felt emboldened and World War II began. In the midst of war and the growing totalitarian aggression, the United States passed several Neutrality Acts in an attempt to avoid involvement in another global war. Efforts to stay isolated from global conflict would lead to growing tensions between the main powers resulting in a rather inclusive war. After a vicious attack on their own home front staged by the Japanese, the United States catapulted into World War II. Over the course of the next six years the United States engage in continuous battles with Germany, Japan, and Italy on various fronts in Europe and the Pacific which necessitated a larger fighting force. Men like Raymond Barron Chavez courageously served as a naval serviceman during the war. Through his accounts on the Pearl Harbor attack and battles in the Pacific, we learn the first hand details of World War II. World War II reveals that leaving particular issues unresolved in terms of war will most likely lead to another one.

The seeds of World War II in Europe began to sprout due to the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I. According to the treaty, Germany had approximately one third of their territory taken from them and divided between other countries (Goldstien, Dillion, p.159,1988). Their military was downsized to the maximum of 100,000. All weapons that remained from World War I were to be scrapped in efforts of disarming Germany. Submarines and aircraft were banned completely in Germany and only 36 ships were allowed to serve as the German Navy (Goldstien, Dillion, p.124,1988). Under the conditions of the treaty, Germany was also responsible for an estimate of 6.6 million dollars-worth of war reparations (Goldstien, Dillion, p.130,1988). In result of the high war reparations, Germany suffered great economic depression. Due to depression, the high rates of unemployment and severe inflation caused the people of Germany to become resentful toward the Treaty of Versailles deeming it’s terms too harsh. During these times of economic difficulty and doubt all throughout Europe, people were hopeful for leaders that were capable of reversing the severity of the current conditions.

The economic instability of Europe developed totalitarian goverments that began rising during the depression in the late 1920’s and early 1930’s. Germany,...

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