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World War Ii Propaganda Art Essay

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There was a silent soldier in World War II fighting for the public’s opinions. This silent soldier is a term called Propaganda. Propaganda was the strongest weapon used in World War II. Propaganda art was one of the more predominantly used tactics. Propaganda had played an ample part in World War II because it motivated citizens to be in the spirit of war. In the war propaganda art was created like films or posters for example. These messages were used to convince all of the citizens that going into war was the best choice. There were many posters depicting the Nazis as evil people and showing how strong women are, but the posters still had a colorful eye popping sense to them. The posters had catchy slogans and showed what happened when you did not follow them; for example loose lips sink ships, a dog with no owner (because his owner was killed from someone talking). There are many distinguishable examples of propaganda in World War II. “I Want You for U.S. Army” is an iconic example with Uncle Sam on the front pointing at you. The significance of the picture is that it shows that YOU can help do something in the war. In Britain there is a famous poster that is still even used in modern day time, it is "Keep calm and carry on". The poster's purpose was to try and convince its citizens they would not be demolished in the war. The poster had the royal crown on the slogan displaying the power Britain has. "Loose lips sinks ships" posters had a powerful image with them.The posters evoked a sense of sorrow for the lost soldiers who die from someone else gossiping. A very well known and famous poster is "We Can Do It" which depicts "Rosie the Riveter" flexing her bicep showing how strong women are. This is aimed at women trying to portray how strong women are exemplifying Rosie's large bicep. A lesser known poster but still important, depicts women in uniform looking to the right and reads “For your country’s sake today- For your own sake tomorrow”, and on the bottom it reads “Go To Nearest Recruiting Station Of The Armed Service Of Your Choice.” This poster shows that women can help fight the war and make a difference. Some posters were made with cartoonish racist drawings depicting the axis leaders. A very notable poster Germany made has Adolf Hitler's face on it and reads "One People, One Reich, One Führer (one leader)" which is saying there only needs to be one race and one Reich and this can be accomplished under the leadership of Adolf Hitler. After Japan realized they needed the aid of propaganda also, they started to hopped on the train and produced posters to get encouragement. An example of their propaganda is a poster of Manchukuo advertising peace...

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