World War Ll As One Of The Most Deadliest And Destructive Wars

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World War ll as One of the Most Deadliest and Destructive Wars

World War II World War II was one of the deadliest and most
destructive wars this world has seen. The origins of the war were in
Germany where Adolf Hitler became the leader and started ethnic
cleansing, killing any Jewish person, gypsy, homosexual or any other
person whom he considered "inferior." Another cause of the war was the
attempted invasion of Ethiopia by Italy, which they eventually
occupied in 1936 despite British and French opposition. Germany
appeared to be winning the war, taking over the Rhineland,

France, Belgium and other pieces of land, up until 1942 when the tides
turned in favor of the Allies. The Japanese naval airpower was
devastated by the Americans and Hitler had recently been defeated at
Moscow. Shortly after Italy was defeated and expelled from the war and
Germany's forces were slowly deteriorated. The war officially ended
when the Japanese surrendered following the detonation of the atomic
bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hitler began holding meetings with
others who thought like him, blaming Jewish people for the problems in
Europe. The Communists continually tried to break up the meetings of
the group who came to be known as the National Socialist Party in
1923. The

National Socialist Party, led by Goering, Hess, Rosenberg, and Roehm,
was outraged with France for occupying the Ruhr. In 1924 Hitler was
sentenced to a four-year prison term for a demonstration where twenty
people were killed. He only ended up serving thirteen months of the
term but it provided sufficient time for him to outline his book Mein
Kampf, which means "My Struggle" in German. The President of the
German State, Marshal Hindenburg, was eighty-three years old as of
1930 and was persuaded to view Hitler as the next

Chancellor of the Reich. Hitler was called to Berlin by the President
and on

January thirtieth, 1933 he became the Chancellor of Germany. Hitler's
first acquisition was his reoccupation of the Rhineland, a small
portion of western

Germany in 1936. Just three years later German soldiers had already
taken over

Czechoslovakia. In early September of the same year Germany took over

France and Great Britain declare war on Germany, and Norway, Portugal,
Spain, and Ireland all declare neutrality. Later in the year Turkey
signs a pact with

Britain and France giving them mutual assistance and the Soviets
attack Finland.

In April of 1940 the Danish king announced that Norway was
surrendering to

Germany and one month later Belgium does the same. France, under
constant attack, gave into Germany in mid June. Italy, sided with
Germany, decides that it needs control of the Suez Canal so it invades
Egypt on September thirteenth.

In October after Hitler's...

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