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World War Two Essay

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World War Two took place in 1939-1945 and involved the vast majority of the world's nations with all of the great powers. It is difficult to include all of the important events into a short history book. But Norman Stone has done that with his book World War Two, he has done a great job at highlighting all the important events. Stone includes the struggles that countries overcame and victories that they won. He is concise about the conflicts during the deadliest war of human history.
World War Two written by Norman stone was a short history of World War two. After World War one, all america wanted was peace. But with the desire of vengeance and demand of security from Germany to keep them ...view middle of the document...

While this was going on, another part of the war was also happening at sea. The Japanese attacks American fleets at Pearl Harbor. This was the declaration of war with Americans and Japanese. U.S and Japan fought each other to seize the islands of Solomon , Guadalcanal, and Pacifics. After many battles, U.S. was starting to attack the homelands of Japan. When U.S. dropped two atomic bombs, Japanese surrendered because of the devastation. In Stone’s novel, he included a chapter for the aftermath of world war two. There were no real peace treaty with Germany for 46 years until 1991. Men didn’t want to ever had a war like this again.
What I thought about the book is that it is unlike any other history books. It is written in an European perspective and gives insights from another perspective. Stone provides information and references that is not usually in American histories of war. It lets me see the other side of the war that is not mentioned in most history books. Stone tries to make the novel quirky and witty by stating that the french men, “were the very picture of the demoralization of Third Republic France:dirty, sullen, cigarette-chewing, and smelling of cheap wine”.This made the book fun to read as he add some of his inputs about the the countries and events that were happening.
I wouldn’t recommend this book to beginning readers reading about the topic of World World Two for the first time. Stone’s narrative moves quickly and he just includes the very basics and does not indulge too much in one little thing. He goes from one topic to another and touches on each one briefly. You would have to know a little about World War Two before you start reading this book because Stone does not provide any background information to the events. For a novice reader, this is a great book because it fills in the little informations that other history books doesn’t include and it help piece all the events together.
The author’s opinion of World World Two is one of that main thing that allowed Hitler to gain and maintain his power is the British leader’s miscalculations. He bashed on especially the British because he blames Hitler’s rise to power is the British’s fault. But other than bashing the British he also compliments the British. The British’s intelligence has helped them crack the German’s secret codes and this helped them putting them a step ahead. Stone emphasises many times that the French were very slow and easily beaten by the Germans. The French were no match for the Germans. Germans had dive bombers and the French were really slow at responding to the attacks. Stone is sure that the decision in 1939 and into 1940 to fight Hitler was not rational. But they were less sure about why World War Two happened.The British didn’t get to decide whether or not there should be a war because they knew that another war was coming and they had to fight it. But at Normandy where there was an allied invasion against the Germans, Stone argues that Normandy...

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