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World War Two: The Rise And Fall Of Adolf Hitler

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General Purpose Statement: To Inform Specific Purpose: To Inform Audience about the rise of Nazi Germany, key players and decisions of World War Two, and the fall of Adolf Hitler.Central Idea: Due to one man's overwhelming political power, a small but powerful nation striving for global dominance ignited the spark that caused the deadliest war in history only to crumble in their own greed.Introduction: Attention Getter: What would it be like if a man who wanted to breed human beings into just one race ruled the entire world? What if you were exterminated for not being a member of this race? In the 1930's Adolf Hitler lifted Germany up onto its feet in order to cleanse the world of Jews, Gipsys, Homosexuals, and all other people that were not pure blooded Aryans with blonde hair and blue eyes. What's even more disturbing is that he should have succeeded! Curious as to how this all happened? Introduce Topic: When Adolf Hitler was declined a promotion in the Bavarian Army in World War One due to a lack of leadership qualities, no one would have ever believed that just twenty years later he would become the mastermind behind a vicious superpower that almost conquered the entire world.Statement of Credibility: According to the official BBC website, "His behavior was marked by a combination of arrogance and insecurity not unusual in adolescence, but in his case extreme (" His weakness and insecurity fueled his need for power and attention leading to irrational decisions to cleanse the planet of all the people who made him feel worthless.Thesis: Adolf Hitler's actions during World War Two show how close our world was to complete destruction by one man if it were not for his greedy military decisions that spread German lines so thin that they eventually crumbled.Preview: To get a better grasp of World War Two we will investigate the onset of the war as well as its major players and decisions. Finally, we will explain why Adolf Hitler failed.Transition: From the Bavarian Army to the political spotlight, Hitler has gained the power and attention he has always wanted.Body: I. The Rise Of Nazi Germany A. A few years after gaining supreme control of Germany, it is 1939 and Hitler is preparing to invade Poland and begin World War Two.B. Hitler was faced with a gutsy decision at the very start of the war as stated by historian Bradley Lightbody, "The decision of Adolf Hitler to invade Poland was a gamble (" C. He was counting on the British and French who pledged to defend Poland to be indecisive and seek a peaceful solution rather than a full retaliation which turned out to be the reality weeks later. Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister believed his superior navy could defeat the Germans with the help of other allied nations.D. With Poland conquered and Western Europe declaring war on Nazi Germany, Hitler fully mobilized his army and...

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